Using an action cam as a safety net

I couldn’t find any other topic that talks about this but I was wondering about using action cameras as a precaution against car hits and otherwise sketchy situations while on an electric skateboard.

Has anyone set something up for this or similar reasoning? Or is this overkill and unnecessary?

Could be useful. Also you can make some nice YouTube videos with it


I always ride with my GoPro l even if I just delete it when I get back.

Might be good for insurance or proving fault in an accident, but its not gonna be a deterrent. You get some cool videos though.

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Definitely not a deterrent…it’ll be completely ineffective for that. Mostly was thinking for insurance or accident situations where some ass will try to blame you for it.

Right now…I’m kind of stuck on actual positioning of the camera, for best capturing footage in case of a hit.

After seeing what happens to cyclists and motorcyclists, it seems like a good idea to at least be prepared. There are some REALLY shitty people out there who are actually trying to hurt other people on the road, especially if they aren’t in a car.


THe best footage will come from a helmet mounted cam, but I usually put mine over my front trucks on the deck.

This is a model I made for mounting a GoPro and Blitzu light using the existing truck holes.


Helmet sounds much better

I often run my helmet camera just to delete the footage later. Kind of like a dashcam for my own safety.

@mmaner there are gopro mount riser pads…


Maybe 360 cam + helmet mount?

Yep, I’ve seen them. Just never really wanted them when I can model and print something much better. That being said, my 3d printer is dead, so I may have to buy some.

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Definitely a helmet mount provides the least shakey footage, but at the cost of looking like a dork. Selfie stick is no good for regular riding of course.

I like RAM mounted equipment personally, twinned to a gimble but on my motorbike even with the bike suspension sucking up the mostpart of viration you get shakes pretty unavoidable.

For esk8 I’m going to put a mount on an esk8 with a short RAM extension to clear feet & mount it to the rear truck bolts facing forward and offset a little to the side using the 4" extension.

Since I don’t want to pay RAM €45 for a piece of rubber

I’ll make my own like this

If I like it then I’ll print out some cheaper parts to put on any board I want, 3D printed parts and threaded bar for strength

Thinking about it,using flexible filiment for the ball part would give even more shock absorbsion. A real RAM ball is rubber coated metal which is overkill since whatever was mounted would be obliterated already if that were damaged in any way.

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I use one when I’m riding in “downtown traffic”. If a driver messes up I normally give them the one finger hand shake “no no” and point at my helmet cam.

But it is not a deterrent in most other situations as most other traffic formations would never see it.

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I learnt that one off my old man in the car, the ‘tut-tut’ followed by the pointing at his own eyes, very effective:smile:


Hahaha yes exactly I got it from my old man too… But he was watching me because I was a bad kid :joy::joy::rofl:


I have a go pro hero 4 black and it’s nice but the battery won’t last a whole ride I have to keep checking it after about 45 min my rides can last hours and hours.

Can’t you charge with an external power bank + record at the same time with the gopro hero 4 black? I heard you could with that camera.

Yea but I would have to ride with no case and that a no no for me. I just carry extra batteries with me but it’s a pain cause you don’t know or you don’t realize it’s dead untill you stop and check

Yeah the GoPro battery life on my Hero Session 5 is TERRIBLE.

O.o what about this?


How’s the session 5 so far? I’ve heard a lot of stories about it overheating really quickly.