Using CAN bus between vesc4.12 and vesc6

hey guys,

the title says it all really- is it safe to connect 4.12 vesc and a vesc 6 (flipsky variant to be exact) by can bus? I tried searching for this, maybe i just missed it, sorry if so.

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I doubt it, not to mention if you ran them together you’d likely have thermal throttling on the 4.xx, while the 6.xx would just be chilling

Also, I don’t think 4.xx HW can run the FW meant for 6.xx HW


You CAN do that as long as you power up both units simultaneously via same battery connection. Just make sure both ESCs run the latest or same FW. It doesn’t matter if you hook up different devices via CAN. HW 4.xx can be controlled via a master HW 6.xx and VS.

If Im not mistaken, I’ve head somewhere that it is possible, as long as all the settings from both motors for both different VESC’s are the same (ermp and such)

The lowest rated device sets the limits…

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Exactly this thing!

You can run two different motors on two different HW versions and set different current ratings for each device. The design is very versatile…


Is it possible to run one of them as a regen only? Like lets say I used the vesc 6 on a bike hub motor with drive and regen, can I use the vesc 4 belted to a crankset with no drive but regen only?

@WrinklyWink Yeah, you could do this by going in the VESC tool and setting it to 0 battery amps and 0 phase Amps, and then set your braking current (motor and battery) to how strong you need it to be. This can be done in opposite to disable brakes.

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