Using Carbon Fibre to Stiffen Loaded Vanguard Flex 3?

So i have been researching ways to stiffen the loaded vanguard board and i am wanting to use sheets of carbo fiber to stiffen it. I have seen another build where they used carbon fiber on top of the deck to stiffen it up.

Whilst researching i have read that putting carbon fiber on top of the board isn’t very effective and is better to place it on the bottom. I would prefer to place it on top though.

Is this a a major problem. My setup will have the batteries on one side and the electrical components on the other so i don’t need to stiffen it up too much, just enough so that when i am travelling at high speeds (25/28MPH) It won’t affect the board too much.

Any help?

I don’t think it’ll be a problem. 2-3 layers of carbon cloth (200gsm)should add a little bit of the stiffness.

I also plan on adding a Matte Black vinyl on the bottom of the deck, would this work due to the flexy board or would the vinyl peel/rip off due to the flex of the board?

Do you mean the Strach vinyl film? Should be fine. It might get wrinkles over time I guess.

cause i was thinking of painting it matte black but i think a vinyl would be easier and more simple, (and may help with stiffness) I’m just not sure to reliable it will be over time and i don’t want the paint to look cheap and tacky

I made a thread on this exact problem months ago

yeah i seen that. you used two metal poles under your board to sort this didn’t you?

Yea I used aluminum U bars which also held my battery pack.

But now I’m over that deck it’s terrible for e boarding. Worst mistake

yeah i wanted to go for more of a boosted board style. why do you not like the board?

It’s expensive- use that money for something else on your board It’s too flexible - terrible for mounting anything at all No stiffness- can’t go too fast without reinforcing it or speed wobbles will kill you It’s a long deck- not terrible but not my style for city commuting

It’s just not great. You can buy a vanguard style deck for 25 dollars that’s stiff

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I disagree on so many things, dont even know where to start. :joy:

@Raf did you ever ride it fast? I often ride 45kph with my flex2 vanguard and Ive never felt remotely close to speed wobbles! :thinking:

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I weigh 210 lol what are you clocking in at?

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Im 165lbs and use a vanguard flex 1 deck. It is PERFECT, flex 3 would probably be way to much. It does require a little more engineering and skill to build on a flexible deck but i think the finished product is more unique and fun.


i plan on stiffening it with carbon fibre and making the enclosures on either end (like the boosted board). I think du to the weight and extra stiffness on the flex 3, it should be fine when reaching 25/28 MPH

There are a lot of vanguard builds on here with split enclosures be sure to look at them for some inspiration. That said i think you’ll be fine, i can jump on my board so much it hits the ground and my enclosures are fine. Idk if i would bother with reinforcements honestly, but i have no experience with a flex 3 deck.

i am also very light and short (60 kg - 5"5 on a good day) so i think the flex shouldn’t be too bad. Also the flex 3 type is a shorter board meaning the trucks will be in closer thus decreasing flex. So i think it should be okay

You’re even lighter than me! I’d say you’re fine with how light you are.

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I have a Vanguard 42 flex 1 (i’m 265’ish - 6’8"). I’ve also done 2 boards now with GF and CF top and top/bottom.

I would absolutely add CF to both sides if you want to stiffen it up. I’d start on top as well and if it still needs more - add another layer on top, or add one on the bottom. Get some good epoxy, and get ready to sand sand sand! Power tools are your friend to speed it up a ton.

here’s the recent 33x10 i did CF top and bottom:

I would tape the edges to prevent resin going around to the bottom (pain to fix those drip/runs). I also now put a dab of hot glue into truck holes before laying CF down to prevent them filling with epoxy (also tons easier to drill out later).

and my e-Sugar in GF (just the top to cover flat power wires):

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another reason why i am deciding to go with CF on tp is because ill be running wires on the top of the board. but i may do both sides.

what CF ratio would you say? and is it same for both sides or less for top/bottom?

I am thinking 1 layer on bottom with a vinyl over it and 1 layer on top, wiring, second layer, then grip tape. Is this a good layout or should i add more/less??