Using Dual VESC to drive high power motor?

I’m in the process of making an electric gokart and want to use a powerful brushless motor (Ideally 10kW but looking around might be limited to 5kW by VESCs). Obviously no single motor vesc can deliver the 200A continuous current needed for this however the dual motor VESC 6.6 can (although it comes with a £250 price tag :frowning: ). Would it work simply connecting the outputs in parallel? Or is there some more complicated way to get this to work?

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Well trampa’s vesc (7?) can do 300A at 75V. Thats 22kW.


Hmmm, this looks like a possible option. Back to my original question, would paralleling up a Dual Vesc 6.6 be possible as they’ have similar price and performance?

IMO it’s unlikely that would work. Dual VESCs are typically two independent VESCs put into a single enclosure (focbox unity is the only exception I know). Motor phases synchronization would be a problem.

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If you use a 6 phases motor, yea. If you use a classic 3 phases, hell no.

With regards to the FOC Box, (this one The constant current is 60A and the peak is 300A. With enough cooling (how much?), how far could this be pushed? Would 100-150A continuous be possible?

If not, I’ll probably go for the Arc200

You can have a look on those too

There no reviews now, so it’s not confirmed how much current they really can handle.

Regarding focbox, @Kug3lis is running his at 100-150a (please correct me if i‘m wrong) with custom heatsink case.

Yeah o run those motors in high current setting here is screenshoot from yesterday small ride


Oooh! Haven’t heard of these before but they look very promising. Very good power output for not too much. Isn’t this basically a VESC 4.12 with a big heatsink though?Any idea how I could get my hands on one or contact the maker?

just find a 20s controller, or something like that dont expect it to be cheap though

No it’s a vesc 6 based design. You can ask @hyperIon1 if he still have some fire sale. That would be definitely cheaper than buying it directly from maytech.

I was thinking of building an e-gokart too. What kind of motor are you using and where are you buying it from? Also are you using high discharge batteries? i though i could just use laptop batteries (with a looott in parallel) since a gokart doesnt have as high instantaneous acceleration as an esk8board, and theres plenty of space for the extra batteries.

For the motor, (depending on what VESC i can get) I’m thinking of getting one of these high power outrunner motors.

They can be extremely powerful and should give some pretty insane performance. Fingers crossed! For the batteries, Li-ion would definitely be the ideal way to go. Only issue is the amount I would need to get some decent range. You could certainly try old laptop batteries but the quality can be a bit hit and miss as I found out when building my ebike! I’ve now switched to 4 li-po batteries in a 10s 2p configuration and although range isn’t great, the discharge rates are more than enough. <110A!

Keen to hear how you get on