Using Milwaukee 8ah 18v batteries

This might be a stupid question, but I’d love to build a board that can be powered off my milwaukee batteries, since I have a bunch and can charge them etc.

If I had to m18s wired in series it would be 36 volts. Will that work with most Escs or Vescs?

Most Escs seem to have a voltage range. Can I simply apply any voltage within that range? Is there any reason to believe it might damage the batteries?

Will it effect board performance?

Should be good to go honestly been wanting to try this myself. And in theory it could work. I recently recycled a few drill packa and i believe they were 5s2p and if applied correctly 2 in series would give you a similar range to the early meepo boards. 10 miles ish at best.

Should work but I think you’ll burn out the batteries bc they aren’t meant for a high discharge

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