Using RC car parts for a build?

I have an Arrma Senton rc car. I was thinking about selling it to buy parts for a diy build but just read that basically they’re the same parts. Lipo batteries, esc, remote, 6s strength motor, etc. Could I just use those?

My experience level is zero, I have very VERY general/basic/minimal haha knowledge… Essentially I read the beginners guides on here.

I’ve looked and I like the idea of an AT board (would love a kaly but not trying to drop $3k.) Carver sounds more fun to me, I don’t need 35mph top speed I don’t think. I haven’t ridden a board much, and never been on an electric board, but I do have good balance and like riding.

I’ve got some time to research, since winter is hitting near me, Michigan, so when is a good time to buy stuff? Black Friday? I really have just the two questions; rc parts and good time/place to buy from, but welcome any additional research links or info you want to provide.

P.S. I’m newer to the forum, so sorry if I’m doing this in the wrong discussion or something.

Also, I tried to use the search but I couldn’t find anything for rc car parting.

It’s kinda old school. That’s what people were building with a few years ago. Look up Car Esc. Few thread taking about it. Before my time lol


I would start by figuring out what deck you want.
Highly recommend picking a deck that has a known to fit enclosure available. Unless you have skills to make one. Then you’ll know what you had room for. Great sales normally around black Friday.

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Thanks, how do I find decks and enclosure pairings?

Read build threads, see what’s known to fit. @Eboosted has a selection of higher end enclosures that are built for certain decks. @bigben sells some great enclosures made to fit certain decks as well. Both of them sell fiberglass enclosures so forcing them on decks they weren’t made for is hard.

@psychotiller has a few enclosure made to fit particular decks as well as a few Universal (ish) one. But his are ABS so they have flex and can be heated to fit multiple decks easily. But aren’t as strong.

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There’s also the option of top mounting a case if you’re wanting a true all-terrain board