Using silcone mats for vibration dampening/making enclosures watertight?

I’m thinking about buying a few of these to layer the inside of my ABS enclosures to add some vibration dampening for my electronics as well as having a sheet between the enclosure/electronics and board to hopefully make the enclosures watertight.

I’m currently using felt in my enclosures to help with vibration dampening but I’m concerned that if, for whatever reason, something shorts and creates sparks etc then the felt has the potential to catch fire so thought this might be a more suitable alternative.

Anyone else tried using this sort of stuff before in their builds? :slight_smile:

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silicone mats don’t really “cushion”, the compression resistance of silicone is pretty high. You should go with foam, something like camping/yoga mat would do the trick.

Fair point. I think the main concern for me is how well it’d work to help create a seal between the enclosure and the deck.

check my build log, im using camping mat. It has a nice squish for a very nice seal and very nice padding.


I used a yoga mat for this and as far as I can tell it’s completely watertight. Yoga mats are good cause they are really squishy so they can squish into all the crevices when compressed between the board and the enclosure. Here’s my build log.

@Michaelinvegas did this recently I think