Using small brushless motors

Hi everyone, for a project that I have ongoing, I’m looking for small motors that could power my ride. The setup is made to be in dual obviously, nothing too powerful, I don’t want to climb trees but at least climb some slow slopes. Battery is not yet done, but I would think higher voltage would be better, with the small cage the motor would tend to heat up more easily, so 10S / 12S (and it’s easier to find around here).

The motors needs to be small, because clearance is key (don’t be impatient, I will post my work when it will be done, someday I hope) ! 50 mm would be already too big, looking more around the 40/45 mm. Maybe some Heli motors could do the trick ? I think KV could go from 150 to 450, I could figure out something with the gear ratio, but nothing too exotic nonetheless !

Looking for help, advice or link if you have !

To summarize :

  • 40 to 50mm in diameter
  • About 30A continuous max
  • Working voltage around 10s/12s
  • 8 mm shaft, don’t want it to bend or anything
  • kv from 150 to 400
  • I don’t want to prostitute myself to buy one…

Well if you know just the one, or some but it doesn’t fit all my needs, post it too !

Bye bye !

Curious…why such small motors? Whats the project?

Racerstar 5065’s might serve your purpose and they are pretty well regarded. There’s a 200kv version if you want that.


I run this motor on a lighter build, 10s3p LG HG2 lions. It gets abit hot on long hills but no problems. (1:3.5 gearing) Roughly 300km on it. I weight 90 kg

If you run two you’ll be good for sure.


You will struggle to find a motor suitable to esk8 under 50mm and if you do find one that has the correct kv chances are it will have a 6mm shaft.

That racerstar 5045 ticks the boxes as far as stats and size go. It’s 12s 35a 8mm shaft (bit like you Daren) but it’ll get hot as balls I fear when you put some load on it.


Motor power is a close match to the volume of the motor, so going from a 63mm to a 45mm motor will be a huge step down. You will struggle to have good performance from 45mm motors unless you go 4wd with them, and that’s a lot of cost and complexity just for some extra clearance.

I dunno what your plan is, but it might be a good idea to reevaluate it and see if you can tweak it such that a 63mm will fit.

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Not exactly sure why you want such small motors but these 100kv 42mm and 300kv 42mm from APS might be your best choice if you want under 50mm.

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I have dual 5065 racerstar motors and they are great I would go 200kv if you are doing 10s because you will overload the erpm going high on the kv.

Or just get cheap hubs. You’ll have all the clearance. Maybe even go 4wd with 4 cheap vescs. For sure they won’t overheat

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Those APS motors look good ! I’m surprised I haven’t looked there ! This is not for a conventional build, the wheel which are going to be powered are going to be very thin (no hub motor then) Direct drive would be quite good actually, would solve some problems, but that would need to be custom made…

Hoooo just realize APS also provides a service to modify the shaft ! Cool ! I could get a 8mm shaft on a 42mm motor ! It’s going to be delivered in January 2025 tho :smile:

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@Kug3lis tried this, and your results may vary, but:

image654864685 Laughing-girl


Hahaha WTF is that ! I hope he got a refund !