V1.3 DFWATTX |zero dark 40|focbox unity|Tb218|boardnamics mounts|maytech 6374 190kv|six shooters|10s5p 30Q |3dservisas heat sink|35°/42° baseplates

First off thank you @mmaner for answering my questions and giving great advice . @boardnamics mounts are great @onloop the unity functions flawlessly. I am very pleased . I applaud you sir. I could have never done this right with out yall and this forum . This is my first build. It will not be my last.

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Swapped the wheels new gearing is 16t/60t . idler still functions with some extended wheel spacers. Screenshot_2019-04-28-17-16-42


Seems like a decent list of parts :slight_smile: What enclosure are you going to use? Are you sure the 38" has enough space for all your components?

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Decent list. First get the enclosure and after that start making the battery


I was worried about that so I’m redrilling the front truck mounting holes on the forward most parts of the board they can go it should get me a couple of inches not sure on which enclosure yet

Hmm, that might mean the wheel wells won’t match up, but we’ll see. Apparently there’s also a 40" Ethos deck, maybe you want to switch to that.

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They’re discontinued Ill make sure they line up. this isn’t my first rodeo I grew up in Ventura ,ca all I did as a kid was bomb hills and street skate. Ive modified a lot of longboards. Im very aware that this is a different animal :grin::call_me_hand:

Edit: I fat fingered the above paragraph had to fix the typos


guess Keda is 190kv right?..Good gear ratio, as you are big guy…you will have plenty of torque, but top-speed will suffer. In the future, you can tweak it to get a little bit more of the two worlds. For me, a fun board reaches 50km/h (31mph)…not that i always go that fast…but sometimes. I am also 165lbs, so i can always decrease torque to gain top speed.

Good luck on your build!

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Yes sir it is 190kv. Thanks. I addrd the kv. Thank you. I’m glad the gear ratio has some good torque thats what I was going for.

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Oh “wheel wells” i missed that the 1st time i read it. Your right.

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sounds good! best of luck with the build

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Thank you 10 char

Ordered riptide caliber 2 96a pivot cups

A riptide tunnel riser as well.

3.5 male to 4.0 female bullet adapter x6

Blue grip tape hexagons x50. Black hexagons x50

Updated im tearing down my diyeboard . the xt connector melted together . also my diy eboard trucks broke when taking off the mounts they tapped holes for the grub screed and drilled through the hanger all the way to the axle. Im glad it didnt snap while i wss riding. So far today is full of suprises.

Bought a mini remote and receiver . if anyone has suggestions for the enclosure let me know. Im sticking with the 10s5p diyeboard battery for now .

All parts are ordered. They should all be here either tomorrow or monday. Build starts soon. Im excited.

Screenshot_2019-04-28-17-16-42 hit 37 mph today, had the wind at my back.



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