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I have received several request to modify V4.12 to use direct-fets. Time will tell what kind of increase in current handling the direct-fets will provide but this should provide some relief for those who are upset about the recent events in the open source community.


These files are untested but we will build them out and run them through some trials in about a week. The plan is to encase this version of the VESC in a very low profile case and supply this for those who need something a little more compact than the upcoming V6.


Are the direct Fets the only modification compared to your regular updated BOM?

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I asked exactly the same question on another forum :wink: And the very quick answer was … YES. Direct FET reference : http://eu.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=IRF7749L2TRPBFvirtualkey57370000virtualkey942-IRF7749L2TRPBF

Thanks Chaka !


Please wait till we have assembled and tested these files before ordering pcb’s :wink: They passed the sanity check but there is always a chance that something will need to be changed.

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Does anyone have an ETA or an update on 6.0, I plan on building in around February, so I might need to go with a 4.12

Great job! It’s good to see people keeping open source going!

Version 6 is coming. Vedder is finishing the new Vesc-tool and should have something for everyone soon. I expect him to make some sort of announcement in the next few weeks.

Version 6 is much more than just switching to direct-fets and a new layout. It will perform on a whole new level and requires some new components which will result in a higher production cost. Simply switching to direct-fets will result in a very small increase in price but adding heatsinks is a requirement. We are considering building these with several different heat sink packages, the most affordable will be what we offer now. Fully enclosed ultra slim options will also be available.

If designed well, a dual drive will perform perfectly with the original v4.12 designed by Vedder and the extra expense of heat sinking and switching to direct-fets is not really needed. We really only see problems when using hub motors due to the huge amperage spikes and efficiencies we see on 1:1 gear ratios and single belt-drives with 2:1 gear ratios.

Adding heatsinks and direct-fets alone might not add much to the constant current handling of the vesc, you will need to provide some sort of active or passive cooling with vents and/or fans to see real gains.

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Will these new vesc have a higher A output also you’ll should sell an option with no heat sink bc divers could bild there own if it’s clear that it’s needed, I build one in about an hour

Do you have an idea on pricing? Because u really don’t want to spend over 200 on a single vesc.

Pricing will vary depending on the heat sink packages. We will probably have several options.

We are also working on a high output model with 12 fets for ebikes and high performance RC applications.

You may not want to pay more than $200 but you will quickly find that most high output 12s ESC packages are well over $200, some as high as $350.


That’s the problem, I’m 18 and I’m not made of money lol. Will probably have to just stick with a 4.12

That is why I provide the PCB order links to our OshPark account. Get a few like minded friends together and build a few. Who knows it may help fund your inevitable Eboarding addiction someday!

Be sure to wait till I test these first.


So who’s building the 12 fet model? It is based on VESC 6 or V4.12? Is it just a matter of putting the FET’s in parallel?

@mishrasubhransu we will be working towards a 12 fet version soon. Currently we are testing the direct fet version we posted to our oshpark account. Did the first round of testing this morning and it is running beautifully! We will be installing it on a single motor build and running it through some trials in an enclosed system before moving it into full production.

In short, the gerber files are working as they should, feel free to order and assemble! Be sure to add some sort of heat sink to the fets too :wink:


That’s looking beautiful!

Great to see you giving back to the open source community!

I’m tempted to mod a toaster oven for some smd goodness! :sunglasses: Not trying to make you reveal any production secrets but a timelapse of blank pcb -> finished VESC would be awesome!

There are few time laps videos on our Instagram. We have always planned on creating a “how to” video but we never seem to have time. Never not building here in the shop.

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I hope to have that problem someday soon! :upside_down:

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Would you think these would hold up to e-MTB applications? I’ve still yet to get my ESCs for my next board and would prefer VESC over other ESCs I just know that VESCs are not recommended for eMTB at the moment.

I’ve got all of it except mounting hardware and ESCs (+ BEC if I don’t use the VESC)

Parts: HolyPro Deck 8" wheels 12s7p (samsung cells) Leopard 8072-10T 175KV (x4)

I’m leaning towards chain at the moment, as I want to take this board in the bush more than I will use it around town so it’s going to be pushed to the limits :slight_smile:

Looks promising! Thanks for all your hard work