V7 mOtor Mount - from DIY Eskate in Texas

Hey guys

Does anyone have the V7 motor mounts from diyelectricskateboards.com?

I need the dimensions please.

He replied but didn’t answer my question regarding the dimensions and I’ve asked specific questions of dexter in the past but I don’t get the answers to my questions. He just gives me another answer that doesn’t help to avoid answering my questions.

Can you guys please help?

I want to know the dimensions of the V7 mounts, so I can calculate the belts I need to buy.

He says for 14-16T/40T setup, he recommends a 370mm belt, but on his website, he replies to some guy Evan saying for a 16T/36T setup, they use a 280mm belt. This seems conflicting to me and I am yet to hear back.

Its $60 shipping to buy these $8 belts. So I don’t want to buy the wrong belts.

Giving me the dimensions would mean I can just easily work it out with a calculator, but since he hasnt given me the dimensions, I need to ask you guys.

Thank you Dan


That his direct tag…

The guy mostly ignores people on here though.

All you need to know is the centre distance, can calculate belt from knowing these three variables.

  1. Centre distance
  2. Motor pulley size
  3. Wheel pulley size

You already know 2 & 3

your title is confusing, you are not in texas or the USA right? if you are order from vbeltguys.com

The missing center distance on the site is an annoying oversight, can you measure with calipers?

The title is the v7 motor mounts from diyelectricskateboards.com in texas, as it relates specifically to that motor mount, the v7 motor mount from that shop in texas. I abbreviated the name because its a pain in the ass to type out in full. I’m in NZ.

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I didn’t say I did not understand your title I said it was confusing, hence the need for an explanation.

Yes you will want to ask @glyphiks about how tf to get parts over there, us USA folks have no idea.

Cheers, yeah that would help. Nah I’m not getting much luck on the emails so thought to ask the community. He even says many times to email him, but the response rate is terrible. Might have to wait a week or so.

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Okay thank you. I’ve ordered off them 3 weeks ago and 60USD gets them here pretty quick, 5 business days. The previous order was some parts because they were out of stock on everything that is useful. Now they have the useful products in stock and I want to order more, but without answers, I’m stuck at belts, so cant move on the mounta, wheels, and all the other stuff I want from them. Ebay and Ali express for chinese bits might be the right option because at least they have info to help with the purchasing. That and the ali express and ebay guys are more hungry for business so their customer service is much better.

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If you ask on ESK8. news you’ll probably get a faster reply from the community. Nothing against this site, but it has a smaller user base. So less questions get answered.

we are here to help you with the DIY esk8 parts, who has the C-C and belt size he needs?

yeah might want to try searching on news

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Ok thank you

Okay thank you , appreciate the responses.

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Haha, I didnt know this was relatively old compared to another forum. I think he does reply, but when he has time or when it suits him and he has said on complaints on here and reddit that everybodys best bet is to email him. He definitely needs some competition. From New Zealand though, can’t say our geographic location would be viable so it won’t be us. Guess thats the issue with a niche in a niche.


@DBell you can use 360-370mm for the new V7 Reverse Motor Mounts either 16T/36T or 16T/40T.

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Okay cool cheers mate

You know your website doesnt have 360 or 370 it has 345 and 385 belts as the closest thing you can get to what you’re recommending. I’ll order the other stuff and find belts somewhere though.

@Dbell 370mm is on the website currently.