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Vacuum Formed Enclosures For DIY Electric Skateboard Components

I have ABS Enclosures for sale. I am a one man show. Not a business so, I would prefer to use Ebay if that’s alright.

Made in my shop from 1/8" Vacuum molded ABS sheet. Middle will hold 2 up to 2 4s 10ah Lipo batteries (MultiStar High Capacity) or 2 6s 5ah Zippy Compacts. ESC area can fit the Castle XL2 or any other 1/8 or 1/5th scale car esc. I added an extra space in front of the batteries for other electronics (bec, on/off switch, charge ports, led…etc.) Batteries and other mentioned electronics are not included.

This case comes trimmed. and ready to install. You can velcro it or fasten it to your board with t-nuts and screws (not included) If you fasten this enclosure with screws it will conform to the shape of your deck. Concave is not an issue. It is slightly flexible material so if your board is a little flexible it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you would like an enclosure made to your exact specifications let me know. I can make a mold for $80.


Thanks for posting your awesome creation! We 100% support DIY eboard innovations!
I moved this into its own topic/thread, because each new item for sale in the e-board market deserves its own thread so it can stand out & be found easily!

P.S. Its nice to have some other people posting here… it was a bit weird being the only person to be listing items for sale!

ALSO: I strongly recommend putting photos on here showing the product, also some basic info, the prices, specs, what it does, why its cool etc.

Thanks Onloop hahaha!

If you made one for the S.P.A.C.E Cell with room for two VESC that would be awesome!

Give me some dimensions and I’ll make a nice clean aerodynamic one for ya! (and me of course)

sweet box! and that’s a pretty good value, too. What is that finish called on the plastic? I saw something similar at TAP.

Not sure about the finish. The sheets always come with a smooth side and a rough side though.

haircell! that’s what they call it. Looks like all the ABS sheets come with a smooth side and a haircell finish side.

Haircell! That’s it.

These are the measurements of the enclosure on CF deck.

Sweet! I’ll start working on it.

Got a model going today for the S.P.A.C.E. battery. Tried to add some concave to the mold. It may work better to just leave it flat…What do you guys think?



so what is the internal size?

I’m really digging that strappy steampunkish design in the plastic. How wide is that compared to the SPACE cell? It looks like there’s plenty of room on either side of the pack if it was in the middle.

Can we see it cut and mounted? Man you’re really making me want to get some ABS sheets. Too bad a blew up my ESC this weekend or i’d get some and try this out finally.

Down the middle it is 430mm long x 153mm wide x 25mm depth
I put a wider deeper section at either end to maybe accomodate DD set ups or of course DR.
@Onloop because of my oven size I cant squeeze much more length- Please let me know if you don’t think these dimensions will work…

Those sections are 200mm wide x 31mm deep
This was just a run so I could see it. I’m going to make some adjustments.

@lhb I’ll get it cut and cleaned up, maybe mount it to a deck tonight. Thanks!

That looks pretty sweet.

it should be fine

@mccloed Thanks Matt!

@onloop Sweet! The refinements start tonight.

Here are some pics of the space case. This is a blem. I’ll let you guys with space batteries know when I get some perfect specimens.