Vanguard, Alien 6364 190kv, 10s4p First build

Starting to put together my first build, will add more as I go

Vanguard deck Caliber 2 trucks Kegel 80mm wheels, bones reds Alien pulleys, 32t & 15t, motor mount & 9mm belt Alien 6364 190kv 2600w motor Samsung INR18650 25R’s, planning to wire them in a 10s4p setup


I love riding on the Vanguard. I’m pretty sure this will be a sweet ride! You’re gunna be so surprised at the torque on this baby! Any reason you went with the 9mm over the 12mm belt?

I’m not too sure to be honest! I was thinking about leaving room for a dual motor set up at a later date, but I won’t have room with the motor I picked in the end, unless I mount one out the back. is there much advantage to using 12mm?

I agree, I’ve had many different decks back in my days of ‘analogue’ skating, the vanguard is the perfect deck for cruising and carving, I’m just hoping that unique feel the deck has isn’t lost by strapping a motor to it!

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I like that, “analog” skating! I honestly feel that riding an eskate is real different in my case. The force from the motor comes from behind which is unique and changes your stance on the board a bit. I’ve heard that the 12mm has a little bit bigger contact patch to the pulley which makes it better. And the 9mm are used for when you have 2 motors. But, I could be wrong. Anyhow, good luck and look forward to seeing the complete build!

Flat ground, you should be fine with 9mm. I suppose you’ll see after your out riding more if you keep breaking belts or not. 12mm does help though. 9mm will be stressed if your going 25-30mph and braking hard and/or going down steep hills braking. Eventually, it will stress but all depends on the person. We’ve switched entirely to 12mm for both single/dual setups and I prefer the 12mm… If you have the space, why not. :slight_smile:

Dual ! GO DUAL ! Not just for speed, dual really helps with braking quickly when you need to.

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Flat ground :joy: I wish, I literally live on the foot of a volcano…12mm it is! well after I shred this 9mm one.

For some reason I was thinking wider belt = increased drag therefore more resistance in the drive train thus a less efficient system…but I’m probably wrong…but that said I do take the red covers out of bones reds just to make them even faster, to heck with longevity!

Maybe years spent pushing a board has just given me a fear of anything drag related lol.

I say go dual too…but my bank account didn’t quite agree!

is torque steering an issue with singe motor setups?

You should flip your motor pulley around…the end with the hub/bell part should be facing out. That way you’ll be putting less lateral stress on your motor’s bearing. Get the pulley as close to your motor mount as you can without any interference. Then you should be able to move your motor mount closer to the wheel pulley and have less of a gap there. :relaxed:

@TheImmortalJew thanks I’ll give it a go, so the ‘collar’ of the pulley should be facing away from the motor? I.e. Flip it around

I knew I wasn’t setting it up right, I couldn’t get the belt to stay in the middle of the wheel pulley gear when spinning it, but I had to throw it together to see how it looked anyway.

I’m also having a slight issue getting the wheel pulley perfectly seated but I guess that’s just going to take a lot of minute adjustments! It seems to be flush with the core of the wheel but still wobbles when spinning ever so slightly, I need to get this perfect as the edge of the gear is extremely sharp and will eat belts for breakfast.

That’s one thing I would say about alien products…they are good but come with a major lack of instructions!

The bullet sockets on my motor are too big for the plugs on the vesc, I think I need a 4>5mm bullet adaptor if such a thing exists.

Just change those bullet connectors. Easiest way to go.

And yes flip around that pulley.