Vanguard build - Boosted inspired

Hello guys.

When I started in this forum I was thinking about building an e-MTB… you guys recommended me to build my e-Board with different deck since the one I had was bad quality MTB…

This is the post I did.

This is what I finally build.

Loaded Vanguard Board + Dual Polar 6355 190KV motors

50º Caliber Trucks + TorqueBoards Pulleys&Mounts

Custom fiber glass VESC’s enclosure (@emancarrillo)

<imgsrc=“” width=“562” height=“500”>

  • I added a USB cable to check fault codes just in case.

MBS All-Terrain wheels

Custom fiber glass battery enclosure

Let me know what you think and if you would recommend me somthing to improve in this e-Board.


Nice build. I really like the enclosures. Well done :slight_smile:

Great looking build, I’m going for a similar look. How did you make the enclosures?

Beautiful build! How do you like the flexy board? I had a bamboo sector 9 board with similar wheel base and have recently switched over to a maple board. I have to say, I kind of like the stiff deck as I feel more in tune with my ride. Awesome wheels! I love those wheels. Just wish they had them in black. Are you using a BMS? If so, was it your first time building a board with a BMS? I want to do a BMS but just have to take the plunge and wanted to see your experience. Awesome board bro!

I like this board since here in Lima the streets are not perfect and the flexyness makes it more comfortable, but for high speeds I guess a stiff deck is the right one. I do use BMS for the battery pack but just for charging, for discharging is connected directly to the VESC’s.

The MBS All-Terrain in black should be available soon… that’s what they said…

Let me know if I can help in something for your build

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@Eboosted had them 3D printed, we did the fiber glass work later.

That makes sense. I’m not sure how rocky the streets are in Lima but I’m sure the flexy board helps soften the vibration. Here in Vegas it is a bit rocky too. But that’s because it’s a desert. However, the streets are very new here so we are pretty lucky. I’m possibly moving over to a BMS pretty soon. I may DM you have I have any questions, I appreciate the offer!. What brand BMS did you purchase?

I love the casing. Nice works man. How many cell and pack battery you are using?

This is the BMS I’m using, but as I said, I use it for charging only, then you could use a different BMS.

PM me if you need more info, I’ll be happy to help!

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I’m using a 10S4P battery pack.

Gotcha! Thanks for the info. I’ve been getting a consensus of what everyone uses as a BMS if they have one installed. I’ll get choose one once I get all the pros and cons. Thanks again :slight_smile:

nice clean build !

Sweet Build.

Is their anywhere I can find the plans to this build, like how enclosure specs, drivetrain specs, etc.

Hello Ryan, I’ll send you a message with more info.