Vanguard builds flex 1,2,3 vacuum bagging routing

Starting this thread to keep track of what I’m doing. Shamelessly copying @whitepony with his Awesome vanguard build which in my eyes is still the best build I have seen. Trying my hand at vacuum bagging with carbon fibre - I have borrowed a vacuum pump from a refridgeration mechanic friend of mine. My first vacuum bagging attempt I used the ghetto bagging method with a vacuum cleaner. It turned out OK but I didn’t use enough epoxy, and my mold was too small. I used plaster of paris for my mold which I cast from one of @Dunkirk s enclosures original post here

Second attempt I used a single stage vacuum pump, west systems 5:1 epoxy resin, which I think gives too much of an opaque finish a 2:1 would be better but it’s what I have, 1 layer fibreglass, 1 layer normal carbon cloth 2 layers carbon twill. I used equal weight of epoxy to cloth which turned out a little dry. The roller would have soaked up too much I guess so I didn’t actually get the correct weight ratio on the cloth.

The bag I used is a roarockit bag which I cut so I could lay the cloth then fold the bag over and tacky tape the bag down. Vacuum pump draws really strong ! Cracked my mold :frowning: which has left a nasty mark through my enclosure.

The mold for this one I cast from a lunchbox/tupperware container. Will fit whiteponys’ style vanguard battery + vesc easy. I did mix the plaster of paris to the stronger end ( less water ) of the recommended instructions but it was no chance. While this was setting I routed in about 6mm of my cheapo flex 2 vanguard the battery footprint Because of the curve of the board and the flat bottom of my battery I had to hand rout with a dremel some high spots at the end. Lucky this will all be hidden !


Nice build

The second vanguard build I am doing will have a 14aH battery with sanyo GA’s 10s4p and will use one of @Eboosted s enclosures. Top quality enclosure bud ! The battery footprint is the same size for both builds which is good. I am waiting on 2 vesc 6’s and if I can cram all those electronics in this enclosure I will use the flex 2 for this build.

With a custom riser from so I won’t have to rout on the top side. Am waiting on the carvon V3’s for this one :slight_smile: meanwhile I ride my evolve GT and my tesseract !


Looks awesome man!

No way I can fit my 10s4p, vedder anti spark, 2 vescs and BMS inside this enclosure. Sooo. More routing.

Flex 2 is going to run 2 carvon V3’s :slight_smile: am waiting on 2 vesc 6’s. Apologies @Eboosted I chipped the fibreglass a little fitting my on/off switch, I’ll hide it somehow.

My flex 1 I am going to go the split battery aka whitepony method with carbon enclosures.

Not this enclosure - good for practice cutting and polishing… Didn’t quite get the shape right on the bottom side. That edge was a bit drier than the rest and it frayed. Wish I didn’t have so much 5:1 epoxy - it really dulls the look. Plaster of paris failed me so I’ll use a timber mold next time. Will try and find a guage before I vacuum again the pressure was so great last time it sucked the cloth under the mold a little bit.

Did I send you the VESC enclosure?

10S4P with switch and BMS are able to fit on the battery enclosure, you just need to mount everything patiently

everything else will fit - I was trying to fit 2 vescs in there as well. no chance ! I didn’t end up getting the vesc case - which I regret - I’m using one of dunkirks.