Vanguard Flex 3, 6355 200kv, 10s4p, VESC, custom enclosures + Questions! (FIRST BUILD)

Yo, i’m from Germany and i’m about to start ordering parts for my build. Since this is the first build i would appreciate your help, guidance and opinions. It will hopefully be similar to @Eboosted, @pyttroll and @whitepony builds. I am looking for atleast 30km/h and hopfully around 30km range on charge. If you could just tell me how to achieve it, that would be great :joy:. My limit is under 700€. Keep in mind that i’m 1,78cm and i weight 61kg.


-Vanguard Loaded Flex 3

-Maytech VESC:

-Motor: 6355 200kv from

-Motor mount, pulleys, belts, trucks and flywheel clones:

-Benchwheel remote:

-Charger 36V-42V:

-Battery monitor:

-Battery: I am planning to make 10s4p battery pack out of Samsung 25R;

-Enclosures and risers will be 3D printed.

I will ask questions in the comments. Thanks boys!

Please don’t get a maytech VESC and support some of our more established brands. Also don’t use 25R cells but rather 30Q. No idea if the pulley fits to the motor - it is all in chinese. Did you account for VAT you’ll have to pay?

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I have a Maytech vesc without issues, what happened to you that make you think it is not that good?

Since i’m on a budget gonna try Maytech first. So something like this:

Bms and Switch you can buy at Alien, like the Vesc too

No bootloader, inferior parts (good luck running FOC with those) plus they don’t support the developer of the VESC the way they should.

I said Samsung 30Q - if you have the money go for HG2. With VAT a Maytech VESC will not be much cheaper than a European one. Cheapest Anti Spark you can find is’s for 28€. Or get a XT90S. BMS is not necessary with quality cells and a proper charger.

Mine came with bootloader, maybe Bruno did it.

And Foc? I would just try Foc with Hub Motors

What have hub motors to do with FOC? Also Alien seems to not sell Maytech but Flier VESCs (not better though in terms of quality)

Alien Sells Both, I choose maytech, and everybody says that Foc is better with Hub Motors, because with normal motors u can burn your Vesc, but lets not hijack this post

You cannot order from taobao if you are not located eithin china

@Jammeslu Actually you can through agent over at , etc.

@Maxid Thanks, i found the batteries and XT90S. But are you saying i should run the build without BMS? If so, how is it done? sorry, its a noob question :upside_down:

I might be killed by some but you could avoid the BMS and just buy with that money instead a Korad Power supply.

If you cells drift, you could easily recharge them individually, but if the solder job is good they won’t drift at least not as much.

You can also replace the antispark switch with a loop key, it won’t ever brake and people seam to be very hhappy with it, from my personal opinion I like antispark switches, with their fancy blue circled light and perfect finish.

@Eboosted Whats the major difference between loop key and anti-spark switch then?

Cells will self balance in parallel but not in series. Without a bms, you would have to charge each parallel group separately to get the whole pack balanced.

Yes, you could do that with your charger, just connecting each parallel group.

With the antispark switch you just press a button or switch to turn on the battery, with the loop key you plug a connector on the battery and might hear or see a small harmless spark as you plug it, in order to turn off the battery/e-board just remove the loop key.

@Eboosted I think i will be going with the anti-spark switch, thanks.

Also thread was updated with some specifics about my desires with range and speed (>30km/h and 30km range), and a second option with motor and battery.

This would be my recomendation:

  1. Get 2 x 6355 motors (you won’t regret it, get the sensored version in order to get a smooth start)


  1. Get a jst connector to connect the VESC sensors

  1. Get a battery capacity testeer, these are pretty good, good sample rate:

  1. Forget about the benchwheel remote, get this one, it’s the best one out ther, no dropouts and amazing response. The best part is that it’s cheaper:

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The bench wheel remote is supposed to be pretty good and much stealthier than the mini remote. Which is a big deal in Germany with esk8 being illegal.

If you want cheap motors you can just get some from banggood - they are pretty good.

Yes BMS is not necessary - you can build your pack with “split” balance cables so that you can use a 6S RC charger to balance them from time to time and use a 10S charger as your regular charger.

But honestly I don’t want to support a Maytech build - so others should try and answer your questions.