Vanguard Flex 3 or 4 for my build ? I'm 70 kg

Hi there,

I plan on making my first build next spring, and I already own a Vanguard Flex 4. However, I’m wondering wether I should sell it and buy a Flex 3 for more rigidity (I’m afraid Flex 4 will get wobbly at 30 km/h). I’m 70 kg, and plan a build with a 6374 single motor and 10S3P cells. What do you guys think?

Flex 3.i wish loaded made flex 1 or 2 in the short length

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Or you could add a few layers of fiberglass to add rigidity!

Or, even better - Carbon fiber

Try to add some carbon fiber… will be effective and good looking I’m looking for vanguard too to my next build

I add cf to the bottom of my deck. I feel like it makes it 15% mor stiff.

Non scientific number

Just one layer?

1 layer yes

That’s impressive



Thanks for the answers guys! Alright I’ll give a shot to CF then. Do you have any recommendations/good practices on the type? gram/m2, etc? Any epoxy resin would be fine?

@barajabali Damn that’s CF porn right there

Damn @barajabali that is sweet You know what would make that better CF Motor Mount and Enclosure Lol

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Yea @MasterCho did a good write up on the process just search for it

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I’m in love with that board

Edit: oh I was looking at it the complete wrong way the far side of the enclosure looks a different colour and I thought it was the carbon fibre and idk what I thought :unamused: This happens when your in love

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Yeah I saw that thread @barajabali

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Thanks man yea the vangaurd is dope with cf

Looks awesome!!! Where do you got the enclosure? I’m getting parts to make a boosted diy

I printed it followed by heavy refining work. It’s on Thingiverse I believe by @jackw

I know I saw them on thingiverse but I don’t have 3D printed. And I checked for 3D printed services but I got really high quotes. Like $250 to print two enclosures like boosted board

Maybe ask @psychotiller if he can build you one😉