Vanguard Orange | 10s | SK3 I VESC

Here is my Loaded Vanguard:

Specs: Deck flex 3, 38’ Trucks Caliber 2 50’ Wheels Orangatang Kegel Motor mount Aliendrive Gearing ratio 14/36 Not sure yet

Electronics: Vesc, Nunchuk SK3 168kv 6374 2x 5s2p LG 18650 HE2 2500 mAh / 20A

Hello all! Greetings from Finland!

In this winter I have been building myself a longboard. I have learned so much about electric longboards while reading this awesome forum. The board is not ready yet. I have to build the battery and do the wiring.

Here is link to the pictures:

I started this project few months ago. I started gathering parts slowly peace by peace. There was a lot of thinking where I should buy each part because there is not really enough suppliers in Europe. -Motor, wiring and connectors from hobbyking. -Motor mount from aliendrivesystems -Vesc from Elkick, Recommended if you live in Europe! (I added heatshink to protect it) -Nunchuck

I made the enclosures by using my diy vacuum box. I used 3mm thick ABS. It worked really well. After molding I got rid off the excess plastic.

I attached the enclosures by using wood inserts. They seem like holding pretty well.

I have lipo charger capable of 6s charging. Using BMS will take too much space and I’m going to balance my pack by using balancing charger. I have to make two holes for the balancing ports. I build the two batteries by using diagram in the pictures. So it is 5s2p x2 connected in series. Battery is almost ready. Only thing what it is missing is heat shrink.

About the wires which goes to battery to the Vesc I am using 10 AWG wire where in the battery end is XT60 series connector and in the other end XT90 anti-spark connector. Using this method allows me to charge the board without making extra holes for charging port and I don’t have to worry any sparks when I connect power to the board.

I will update this project when I make any kind of progress :smile:

And good news to all diy builders from Europe! I noticed that there is not much sellers who sell motor pulleys or those who sell are setting the price pretty high! In month or so I can provide aluminium 13t, 14t, 15t HTD5M pulleys to you with 9mm belt width. The price will be 20€ per set including all three sizes or 10€ per pulley plus 6€ shipping to Europe. I will notice you when I get these pulleys!


looks great so far! until you can post more pictures you could use something like to upload the pictures and then link them in here.

Tervetuloa! Nice build! Did you build the battery pack?

Thanks I made the changes!

Yes I build the battery myself. I have a friend who have a spot welder. After welding I soldered the balancing wires. Works like a dream:)

Looks great, can you tell me about the wood inserts to attach the casing?

I bought them from ebay:

Inside the insert is hole for M6 bolt

The Vanguard is only about 10mm thick and 10mm were shortest inserts that I could found. So they are not completely screwed in to the board but they hold enclosures firmly.

Nice build! Epic start with the cells, dare to try without the easy plug and play lipo packs! :smiley:

Thanks! First I thought that I use lipos but there is few problems with them: -Wires. There is a lot of them if you are using for example 4x 3s lipos. -If you are using only two lipos for example 2x 5s they are too thick. -Also some lipos tend to swell

I went with 18650 cells because I can build a pack with the size I want. They are safer and wiring is not such a hassle. Plus they are only 18mm thick!

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Allrigh. Today I finished the battery. I’m happy how it turned out.


Great and clean work ! Good job !


Your kydex enclosures are awesome !

What thickness Kydex did you use ?

And the little Lip where the bolts go in serves a special purpose?

Actually it is ABS not kydex. It is 3mm thick and I think it is just good because the enclosures needed to be bended to match the shape of concave.

The lip is there because the length of wood inserts are 10mm and the Vanguad is 10mm thick. I didn’t want to screw them through the board.

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I finished the board yesterday. Only thing what I’m waiting to arrive is XT90-S connector.


Nice build ! Your recharching system is well thinking.

And, concerning your motor pulley, will they be machined for a keyway and grubscrew, or just shaft bore ?

The pulley will have a slot for a keyway and hole for screw. Also pin for the keyway and screw will be included.

are you parallel charging as two 5S and discharging as one 10S?

Yes, exactly :smile:


Bravo. good call.

Hey! I’m going to be building on the same deck as you, and I was wondering if you would think of selling me the enclosures? Think i’ll copy your 18650 idea as well, looks awesome!

Yes I can make you pair of these enclosures during next weekend. Where do you live?

Go ahead and make same battery! So far it is working perfectly :smile: