Vanguard Orange | 10s | SK3 I VESC

@Haick @JLabs There is two separate batteries (5s2p). As you see in the pictures there is two black xt60 connectors. I plug the batteries in series when I’m riding and when charging I connect them in parallel :smiley: I would charge 40€ per enclosure. If you want to save some money I can sell enclosures 25€ per peace uncut, so you get rid off the excess plastic.

@xalitust Sorry I forgot to take any pics during the assembly. It is possible to do that with soldering iron but there is a huge risk that you harm your sells, so I do not recommend doing so. I bet that in your city is some kind of battery store that can do welding for you.

So you are running the board at 20s? Or using one 10s pack at a time and then switching? And how did you make ur abs enclosure?? I was thinking about makeing one for my electronics instead of 3d printing… Thanks!

There are 20 cells total, but he’s grouping every 2 cells together in parallel, so it’s a 10s battery after hooking each separate battery in series (5s2p + 5s2p = 10s2p).

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I made the enclosures by using vacuum. There is link in first post that opens gallery where is picture of it:)

Ok @Dunkirk Can you post a diagram of the two packs when being used and when being charged? Thanks!

Here you go! First picture is discharging and second is charging :sunglasses:


Thank You!!! :slight_smile: @Dunkirk

I made a new enclosure for backup battery pack. Easy to change if I run out of juice. It contains two 5ah 5s Zippys. Here is some pictures:


Hyvältä näyttää! Looking good!

@Dunkirk what kind of range are you getting from your 10s2p pack?

I managed to travel 14km with full charge to 34V. In my opinion it is pretty good range with me weighing 95kg.

Only problem with this pack is that the voltage sag is so big. So I can’t limit the battery cut off. I have to monitor the battery voltage manually. I’m now building two 5s3p pack to deal with this problem. It is going to have same specs than original Space cell.

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That’s what I was wondering…voltage sag…it sounds pretty severe …

Made two of these. Hope that these solve the voltage sag problem. What values do you guys suggest for Motor and Battery max?


Hey Dunkirk,

I think you did a really nice job on choosing the components of your e-skateboard. Vengaurd deck, kegel weels, 10s and vesc also will be the parts of my choice. However I want to stick to a dual rear drive chain. Right now I am searching for a motor that will fit between the wheels. Since your use the 184mm calibers and the kegels wheels I have a question about the measurements of your board. What is the distance between both back wheels, if you loosen the nuts to a maximum? Technically you could just fill up the space between the inner bearing and the hanger with washers or sth. similar. Depending on your answers I will choose the motors. They will have a length of probabably 45mm- 55 mm. Also I want to use at least a 12mm wide HTD 5M belt for tourque transmission, instead of a 9mm one due to a higher durability.

Greetings from Germany

Thanks! If you are going to use dual rear there is no need to use 12mm belts. Two 9mm belts will give you more than enough grip. There is 5mm free space in the both ends of Calibers so if you want to do some adjustments I suggest that you go with wider trucks. However calibers will hold two 6355 motors with 9mm belt.

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Are those Sanyo batteries? I think those are 10amp cells. If so then ur sucking them way beyond what they’re designed for if 2p. Even 4p isn’t advised.

No they are not Sanyo cells. They are LG HE2 20A cells. Now when using those two 5s3p batteries there is no more voltage sag. I have limited battery max to 30A so I am only pulling 10A per cell. I also made a new enclosure for them:

I think that this build is now finished! :smile:


Would you be able to show a diagram on the connections for this pack? Thanks.


this diy longboard looks awesome.

Can you show us some new updates because i’m curently in USA right now and i can buy some parts here and i want to build it when i come back home to Slovenia in summer.

do you have any videos on youtube?

please contactme on [email protected], because i will need some help :smiley:

Thank you!

There is no major updates done to this board. Sorry, I don’t have any videos in youtube, but I am thinking to make one.

Please ask questions, I am happy to help you.