Vanguard Owners. Did you apply fibreglass after routing wiring slots?

Hey all, I’m close to finishing my Vanguard build. I started routing slots in the top of the deck to run wiring between the two enclosures.

I’m curious as to if others who’ve done builds with Vanguards if you’ve reapplied a layer of fibreglass/resin over the slots you’ve routed out for wiring on top of your deck?

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yes, and its very important cause the vanguard is vertically laminated - if you dont “seal” the surface in lateral direction, it will just break apart!

Hmm good to know… I actually jumped on the deck a little last night after doing about half the routing and heard a big crack… I haven’t been able to find where it’s cracked though and jumping on it since hasn’t seemed to cause any further issues… I’ll definitely order some fibreglass and resin then but I hope the deck is gonna be ok… :stuck_out_tongue:

Reckon this stuff should be suitable?

Hello Michael I just routed the channels for the positive and negative silicone wires through the top center of the deck, between both enclosures, i made sure the channels were just the perfect size so the wires fit there snug, after i just covered them with grip tape and it has been like that for almost a year with no issues.

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really depends on the length of the channels. if you route a channel from top to bottom, the deck will just split in half because pretty much nothing is keeping the vertically laminated bamboo together.

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Thanks for the input guys :slight_smile: Here’s the channel I’ve made so far, it’s just big enough for 2 10AWG wires although I’ll be widening it a bit to fit half of the balance wires as well.

@whitepony what sort of resin did you use? I’m completely new to using fibreglass/resins so I’m wondering how specific you need to be with the resin you use due to the flexing of the deck. I’m also assuming you used the same resin to fill in the gaps in the channel around the wires?

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Hello. I’m doing kind of the same build also. Wold I be an idea to shape the cable path slightly in a round shape? So that the cutting would be spread over more lines for shorter lengths on each line. I know that cables would have to become 5-10 cm longer.