Vanguard Wood Stain - Is it possible?

I’m looking to remove the fish on my Loaded Vanguard and playing with the idea of going all matte black or potentially trying to wood stain. Has anyone done this? I’m wondering what the wood pattern would look like.

It’s not wood it’s bamboo with front to tail orientated fiber. The wood stain wont penetrate the deck, i tried.


thanks. What did it look like?

After application with a piece of cloth and circular motion tring to get an even coat i left the deck for drying. 2-3h later i discovered my fail by noticing stainy cat pawn marks all around the house. I took a look at the board and was still able to wipe the stain off with paper towel.

But thanks to my cat i can tell you stain is really good to “protect” concrete/cloth/mat/carpet but dosen’t work that well on ceramic or plastic.


bamboo is extremely hard to stain as the fibers are really long and closed. end grain bamboo is stain-able but also not easy to do.

Thanks for the feedback. Think I’ve decided to wrap with carbon fiber using this post.

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Yep, good thinging … IMG_20190619_172808 IMG_20190619_170321 IMG_20190619_172757 :yum: