Variable Regenerative Braking

Is there a way to have variable regenerative braking? Some electric motorcycles do this so that they don’t need a disc brake at the rear wheel, and instead have the brake lever (or foot peg in this case) vary the amount of regenerative braking. (so you would go from say 5% regen when you just take your hand off the throttle and that gradually increases to say 90% as you push the lever further)

esk8 dont use any disk so u vari-ate with finger

VESC already has variable/progressive braking. It all depends on how far you pull the brake.

Well no, the whole point is variable regenerative braking which means braking with the motor

Do you have any idea how that works?

What do you mean?

You pull the brake the pwm is turned into throttle percentage, and the current duty cycle the motor is at, is calculated into a percentage of current of motor min setting, that is not to exceed the battery min equivalent…

U didn’t get my humor, because skateboard have no brakes to begin with, motor brakes the board. using electro magnetism , motor will back fire current to battery and companies like tesla marketing it as regenerative brakes. regen is a side effect of braking with motor. u variate by arcing harder on motor using controller with ur fat finger on remote. kapish?

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