Various used and unused esk8 parts for sale!

Actually my first comment on this forum was over a year ago. But I understand the skepticism. Although I’m not sure what about my post throws any red flags, but it’s good to be cautious. I am trying to take photos and write descriptions of everything I have for sale, so that it will be easier to look at, and not segmented. It is taking some time, but should be posted soon. Hopefully tonight.

Some parts are new, but in limited quantities, most parts are unused but were previously installed. Do you think it would be more appropriate to list everything in one post or to divide new and used parts and post in the appropriate sections of this site? Do you think, in your opinion, that it would be best to just continue this thread listing everything, even though the title only mentions esc’s? I want to act inline with the preferred etiquette and rules of this forum. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

And the screen name “Money” was chosen because I am trying to change my association of with the word to something more positive, rather than something stressful. =) It was a nickname given to me about 15 years ago, and I have fond memories of that time. That’s all. I’m actually one of the most honest people you will encounter. (I’m sure a scammer would say the same thing though.) Don’t worry. I’ll add to my credibility in my next post/comment.


Don’t take it against you man we are just very carefull. There was some scams before on the forum and we try by all means to prevent that. And I tought it was funny that the new guy selling stuff is called money

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You could add a location to your profile :wink:

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I’m 39 and run multiple businesses. The only thing I take personally is my word. =) I like the fact that the community is on the look out for sharks. And when I made my account a year ago, I wasn’t thinking that I’d be posting stuff on here for sale. I can see how it would make a bad impression, like it’s my sole purpose or something. Lol.

Would you please give me your input on how I should post the items I have for sale? Should I make a new thread that lists everything? or just continue this thread, even tho the title only mentions ESC’s?

And some of the things I have for sale are new, and some are used. I noticed that there is a separate section for New items for sale. So I should probably post there, but I have a limited quantity of these items, as I am not a vendor.

What would you suggest? Thank you.

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You could just continue this thread and get a moderator to change the title if you can’t

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You can update your top post with the pictures followed by the specs @b264 was pointing you in the right direction with his questions. Just make clear you have updated the post for more transparency about your product, it’s all we’re looking for here. Complete transparency and communication :slight_smile:

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do yu have a sale on lipo batteries? im just a teenager so i dont have the kind of money to go buy whatever. itll also be a great help if you can help choose what to get. so far, i want to get the esc and remote from you and a 270kv motor on ebay and some wheels, trucks, and motor moujt from amazon. any tips will be greatly appreciated. thanks

sorry for bothering you so much, but is the connector for the batteries xt60? also, is it female or male. i cant really see it that well. one last question, does it have a power button?

Sorry for the delayed reply.

The red esc’s, enclosures and trucks with motors were taken from Liftboards.

I have posted more photos above. There are also more photos and products on my website Pitbull Electric Skateboards

The aluminum enclosures are 33.5" x 3.5" x 1".

The wheels are 83mm black liftboard wheels. I will be posting those on the site tomorrow. They are $20 for a set (3 standard wheels and 1 wheel with 3m wheel pulley) Or $30 for a set (2 standard wheels and 2 wheels with 3m wheel pullies)

If you have any other questions, please let me know. Thank you.

No the esc’s are actually very hearty as long as you use them with 6S.

Save 35% off of already discounted select items including LB ESC’s (single and dual motor), evolve stoneground wheels, aluminum enclosures, trucks with mounted single motor 5060 270kv, and more…

Click this link to have 35% automatically apply the discount.

Or just use the promo code esk835off when checking out to save 35% on the items misted above.

This offer is only valud this week. Promo ends Saturday at midnight. Thanks!

Woooow dual hub build for 9.99

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That was obviously a typo as the description stated the price was $999.

Sorry for the oversight. I appreciate you pointing that out.

Where did you get the hub motors for the 3200w hub kit? :o
(1600w per hub motor??)

And what ESC’s do you use for it? thanks

They are all Pitbull Electric Skateboards brand.

And yes, 1600w per motor

Do you know if you’ll ever sell them separately? These are the 2nd most powerful hub’s ive seen after the raptor 2’s (who also don’t sell the parts separately)

You mean just the motors by themselves? Yes I will be adding them to the site by themselves soon.

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Very interested in these hub motors. Could you possibly send me a pm with some finer details and pictures. Thanks


Please stop spamming this in literally every f*cking thread. @Kal-El_basically


Sorry, I didn’t know if anybody would find it or be updated on some threads I chose so I just wanted to outlet to a few of them.