Vceego hub motor

All the Albibaba copies are comming out of the wood work.

Do you have any information about the price? I want to do a Build just for commuting where i don’t need to push it too hard. Considered low speed carving. But stiil want to go with carvons or humees. But somehow i just want to try it…

I purchased a similar unit ONAN X1 and for the money it actually works decent. Mind you i’m new to the community and forum of esk8 building but I personally am a very large man. 6’2 300 and it actually got me up a small hill… My buddy also tried it and he is the average 140 small man of 5’5 and he flew up hills on my X1 going about 20mph. If you are located in California you could try my X1 out. :slight_smile: I am kind of interested to test this Landwheel setup out but hesitant he will perform well.