Vector Helmets - Are they still in business?

So I was interested in getting a full face helmet and thought Vector M-6 looked good tried to contact and buy one and it seems they may no longer in business…Because I really wanted a full face bought TSG Pass cost I paid was $70 over the Vector website price due to the fact I could not seem to get in contact with on multiple tries…US website says they have stock Asian appears to be totally depleted. I think they have a great product just wondering if it is still being sold?

Here is the website:


They are…sort of. I actually purchased around 6 months ago a blue m6. Now let me tell you it took 2 months to get mine because they said they were switching locations to their Asia warehouse.

Communication literally was like pulling teeth. But I hounded them to make sure they were sending it out. Sadly, the original color I ordered was the black one which was available but then it wasn’t as they sent an email stating it was an error. They then said it would include see e a clear visor because they didn’t even have the chrome visor I wanted. So I got the tint and clear. …ehhhh. :confused:

Long story short I got the confirmation for the helmet around 8-10 weeks after purchase. Then received the helmet a month after.

The helmet was nice. I enjoyed it. Sold it to one of my best friends about 3 weeks ago.

I can give you the info on the person I was talking to, if you want to go down that road. Good luck if you choose this venture.

No worries ended up purchasing TSG Pass and it will be in my hands on Tuesday already shipped and the purchase was sent in of Friday. I thought Vector had a great product just could never reach anyone and lost hope. Sounds like from your experience I made the right choice to cut bait and go with a product that has availability.

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Agreed…I like the style. comfort was good too. Quick release latch was also nice to have. But the visor sticks when you try to close it. I am more pleased with my TSG.

Thanks…never heard anyone regretted a TSG and look forward to getting mine…Amazon has some good deals however no where close to what @JLabs put together as a group buy for members. Still kicking myself as I got the pad package but it was summer and skipped on the TSG now it is winter and need full face for both warmth and safety.