Vedder Anti-Spark broken / Switch without Function?

Got my Vedder Anti-Spark today and wanted to test it without plugging an esc on.

So i just connected a 20 V Power Supply to the IN-Connectors of the AS and my multimeter to the OUT-Connetors and measured exactly the 20V there. Fine.

But: The voltage is at the OUT-Connectors regardless if the Switch of the Anti-Spark is set to on or off?! Does anyone have an explanation for this behavior?

Maybe you can provide some pictures of your Vedder Anti-Spark switch. Without pictures there could be endless possibilites for the failure…

you might have gotten one with the bad mosfet batch.

Your fet could be damaged, it’s one of their characteristics to be always switched on if they are (damaged^^).

I now put everything together and the switch works fine. Maybe the behavior i talked about in post 1 is normal when no ESC and motor is plugged in.

No it isn’t. ~edit~ indeed it is!

Hm kay. But why does it work anyway when everything is put together?

Is it possible your multimeter closed the circuit? So the 20V bypassed your switch, by flowing through the multimeter ?

I remember something similar happend to me when i built this circuit. If i switched it of and measured voltage it was still high. But if i connect any kind of load (voltmeter already was enough) voltage drops slowly (depends on the load) to zero. Now with a esc connected there is a small load. I assume its because the cap in the circuit must be discharged before it turns the mosfet off.

Sounds reasonable. So no need to return the AS. I’ll test it with a LED or something else when i’m back in the workshop.

Take a resistor, or do you have ‘‘e-skate rated voltage’’ LED’s?^^

Of course :slight_smile: Got a 12V power supply and a 470 ohms resistor. No need to use the skate voltages, i just want to confirm the theory with the cap that has to unload first.