Vedder spark switch

Hello i wanted to make my own vedder spark switches. I wanted to take a dead bug approach and skip a pcb maybe go with some perfboard. Just because i have the tools to do trough whole soldering but not smd. Could people look oveer my parts list to see if they will work?


12v zener diode

1k resistor 1mil resistor

I cant seem to find the part number for the fet either. if some one could link me the fet numbers that would be cool. (EDIT) would these fets work (IRFS7530)


Well the resistors and diode will work, capacitor seems to be underrated because it is only 50VDC and Vedder chose to put 100VDC but i dont know if it is just for headroom or maybe because of voltage spikes that could kill it…

The link on fets goes to vedders fets and the number in brackets is SMD mosfet is that on purpose?

BTW here is a video of Dave Jones that shows you how to simply solder SMD stuff with just basic equipment… i used that tutorial to learn soldering back in the day :smiley: Hope it helps :slight_smile: