Vedder Switch Bad or On/Off Toggle Bad?

Hey guys, did a great ride yesterday on my DIY and today I went into some really rough roads and small overflow of water from the neighborhood’s watering of the lawn. I have done that before but somehow I couldn’t shut off my board/switch. The LED and everything doesn’t seem to work at all. It has 5 wires that connect to the Vedder Anti-Spark unit. I don’t know what’s bad, is it the toggle switch or Vedder unit? It was REALLY jerky to the point that I couldn’t stay on my board when it starts to move. Then I just turned off the remote and peddled back. How to check with a multimeter? I have already ordered another toggle switch similar to the one I have (16mm aluminum LED version). I’ll try to post a picture of the switch later. Looks complicated as I wasn’t the one that built the Vedder switch. Can someone troubleshoot this problem? Thanks in advance!20190415_171504 20190415_171452

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I would suggest watching a soldering tutorial on YouTube then re-soldering those connections. They are all cold and/or dodgy. Could likely lead to problems.


Thanks @Bataleon . I know the original job isn’t great at soldering but the board was working great until yesterday. Is there a way I can check the Vedder Antispark switch if it’s bad? Since I cannot turn “OFF” the board, I can still give it throttle and it works. Does that mean just the on/off is bad? I guess I will find out when I get the new switch soon.

It means one of the mosfets is most likely blown and the gate is stuck open (ON).

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Like @SeanHacker said.

lots of switches like vedders will blow


A link of a switch that doesn’t have this design limitation and will not break like all the others?

Prototypes coming soon.

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See thread for explanation.

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Anyway of using a multimeter to check the 5 wires connected to the vedder board? I think i see only the voltage pack on some terminals. But never any lower voltage such as 12V to power the LED, etc. I’m not good at electronics, but i will do whatever it takes to get it fixed. Last resort is to buy another antispark switch with the power button like Flipskys for $40. I just don’t want this to happen again. I’ve had this board for over a year and a half. So no clue why it just happened. The only thing I can think of is a small splash of water.