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Vedder's anti-spark v1.4

Continuing the discussion from Custom 18650 Battery (Pre-Build):

After seeing this I thought I should post my oshpark file here too:

Did this a few months ago. Anyone wanting to build this version on their own can use these files. I will have a more robust version available soon that uses proper EV style fuses.


Nice! I’ve been working on one as well. Modifying it as well.

What kind of amps are you looking to push through it? Are you using 2oz copper?

I think 2 oz copper supposedly max is about 40 amps which isn’t enough and I’d like more… Although, should be able to do more then 40amps.

40 amps on what size trace? With thermal relief vias or not?

I ordered a set of these from osh park a while back from Vedder’s github. It was my first time soldering surface mount components. The tiny components were easy enough. I had a hard time soldering the mosfets (I hope that’s what they’re called). Do you have any tips on soldering them? I have an X-tronic #6040 soldering station.

Solder paste flows at a much lower temp than regular solder. Try that if you haven’t already.

No, I haven’t tried solder paste. It can only be used with the hot air, or can the soldering iron be used?

Yes, you would need hot air. There are a few good videos on youtube showing what you can do with a re-work station. Helps to have something to practice on before going at it with a project for the first time with hot air and paste.

Alright, thanks for the recommendation. I’ll give it a shot.

Here’s a cool video that covers some tips and tricks. I’m in the process of learning this stuff too!

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