"Velcro Board" | MBS Core 94 | Idea ATS mounts | Single SK3 149KV | 12s LiPo | ESCape

Oh you’re from Vienna? I’m from Brno. We’re basically neighbors. :slight_smile:

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Haha, wicked! I know Brno, was there very very often because of ex-girlfriend, had also a car accident on the highway in your town :laughing: and someone breakup my car and stole all my stuff while I was buying just a drink at tesco.

I’m sure you go kiting at this lakes near mikulov…

Definitely going for a ride when it’s warm and sunny :sunglasses:

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That’s terrible. I park next to Tesco every now and then. Never had a problem. Must have been very bad luck or your license plate. People here tend to be rather xenophobic.

Yeah, I go to Nové Mlýny often for windsurfing. I have heard that Neusiedler See is much better for kiting though. I believe that one is your area… or used to be. Never been there, but I’m definitely going to give it a try this summer.

We should do eMTB meet up. We live so close that we could almost make it to the meeting point on boards… with a few battery pack upgrades… and using kites for most of the way. :smile:

Shit happens everywhere :wink: And it’s 20 years ago (next week is my 40th birthday :hushed:)

It would be great but there are only 2-3 spots where it is allowed to start. And you have to wear a t-shirt with a number (beginners in pink) :joy: On the weekend there are thousands of kiters, that kills the fun for me.

I have 2 Kites (5m² soft and 9m² tube) but never tried it in water, only on land. Instead of buying full kite equipment I decided to go with e-mtb which I can use night and day instead of very seldom. Glad that you found some spots for landkiting.

For sure, the middle point is 70 km away. I need 2 more batteries, then no problem. But what do we do on meeting point with a bunch of empty batteries? :rofl:

Pink? How humiliating! :smile:

Yeah, I’m not saying that plan is entirely without flaws. :grin:

40? Sounds like you started your first build at 38. We have a lot in common. :slight_smile:

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Found a battery box that will go nicely with my Velcro Board. :smile:



Link please :smiley:

makes stacking batteries for longer range way easier too :smiley:


industrial strength 10lb brand has worked great for securing my gear :smile:


It’s actually a perfect size. It’s 100x200x75 mm. The ZIPOs I’m getting are 24x167x69mm, so that’s 96x167x69 mm for four stacked along the shortest side = perfect match. :smiley: Unfortunately, there’s no space left for a VESC. :frowning:


Just get 2 and stack them like LEGO bricks :joy:


Yeah. I might get this one for the VESC: https://www.amazon.com/LEGO-Mini-Box-4-Red/dp/B008KQ0SO4/

And then after upgrading to dual motor setup things will align nicely. :smile:


Weird I was thinking it would be fun to use lego this is awesome

First batch of parts arrived today. It’s like Xmas! :smile:


Made a battery box! It’s probably a 30 minutes project for most people with the skills. Well, I’m an IT guy. I have never really built anything. I have helped my kids with lego a few times, but that’s about it. So, it took me about a week. It’s as bad as it can be. There are no two pieces that align well. The paint is uneven. There are some extra holes where I drilled at wrong places. And I think I made it higher than necessary. But, it’s a battery box! :smile:


Hey everyone starts somewhere with DIY :smiley:

Maybe you could add some foam to the sides of the box to dampen any vibrations the lipos might be subjected to?

Don’t worry, you can redo it later if you want. As @Der6FingerJo mentioned I would add neoprene or foam to secure the batteries. Also add a gasket between the 2 parts of the box otherwise it will rattle and debris and moisture can enter. And maybe you find some edge protectors because it could really hurt if your leg touches an edge when falling.

Thanks for the tips guys. The batteries are a pretty tight fit, but I’ll try to squeeze in a little bit of foam.

A gasket sounds like a very good idea.

I also found these very safe looking edge protectors: https://goo.gl/images/SkwHTd :smile:

BTW, the box is meant for both batteries and VESC. The VESC will go under the batteries. On the last picture, there’s about 2.5 cm of space under the batteries. The space at the sides is for battery-VESC cables. The batteries won’t sit directly on the VESC. There will be some space between them. I hope that helps to reduce heat, though I’m not really sure it will make a difference.

I suggest doing it the other way around, Vescs on top. It´s better to access and you don´t have to worry about batteries damaging them over time from vibrations. Also like you mentioned better heat dissipation. If you want your wires to exit at the bottom, simply route them down at the sides.