Vendors that don’t rebrand Chinese parts with a massive markup?

So I’m looking to replace my DIYeboard parts because of the fear of snapping truck. Looking to get new trucks, motor mounts and sensored motors for now. Any suggestions where to get parts that worth the money? My definition of expensive Chinese rebrand is something like Mboards.

Ouch that’s a harsh insult :open_mouth: Where mike at from Mboards?

Well I’m not the first one saying this. Just based on experiences of other people

but is he wrong :laughing::man_shrugging:

Caliber trucks, DIY motor mounts, and good luck finding

I have genuine caliber 2 trucks, and custom motor mounts. To my knowledge all of the reasonably priced electric motors come out of China, so it will be hard to find American or European versions that are affordable. That said I make little tweaks to my motors to minimize issues and increase reliability.


This :arrow_up:, for real.


Thanks. Maybe if I can’t find any good sensored motors I’d stick with the 5055s that came with my kit. After riding the Mini X and V2+ I really like that smooth startup…

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Excluding affordable, what US or European manufacturers are there for standard esk8 size motors?

Like this you mean?

freerchobby esc rebranded by APS for over twice the price…cheers. And to be fair to mike beard he does take the time to put little paper stickers with his name on over the other branding.

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Yes that’s exactly what I meant

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Quick google search, this might be your best bet. 100A peak current, 75A continuous current (probably not a super inflated rating), optional termperature sensor, 137 Kv. Casual $700.

Holy f why does that motor cost almost a full build?

:smiley: Made in America! I love how it’s specced in inches. 3.2 inches long, 2 inches diameter = 3220 haha!

I thought it was metric then I wonder why it was only 32mm in diameter and 20mm long, tiny motor for ant skateboard haha

Well you can get your motor controllers made right here in the USA:


Wow I’ve read good things about the Ollin VESC throughout this forum. There’s Focbox and Flipsky 6.6 at that price point too, which one is better?

The Focbox is more tested so you know what lions mouth your getting into. Flipsky is still new and has to go under the grinder on different boards and different conditions. While having a so far reliable reputation, I personally believe there aren’t enough Olliins vesc out there to justify that its “absolutely the most reliable”. At least compared to the focbox.

So no one can really say which one is better as none of them have the same # of pop and outflow to justify comparing each others failure rate.

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Hi! I’m Psychotiller. When you guys/girls are done dicking around with caliber clones and bad fitting mounts that can’t even be adjusted or need crossbars to keep them from moving around every ride, or rebranded motors with shafts that are too long and stripped out can screws, or hangers that are too narrow to fit bigger than 55mm motors…We should talk. Oh! And by the way, the trucks, mounts, wheels, pulleys, enclosures, packs and decks on my site are made in the USA.

This is a public service announcement.


Both your press fit and clamp mounts for TKP & RKP trucks fit perfectly. I cant see how anyone could install them incorrectly. Money well spent.