Vendors: What are your Craziest Customer Stories?

Often times we see new players come in the industry and old players create new things. We often take these new products for granted and never try to see across the aisle and things don’t go our (the consumer) way.

Vendors , without making names or saying personal info , what has been the craziest/most frustrating customer or transaction experience ?

My worst experiences are hands down because of couriers/postal services. Still in the midst of an extremely frustrating lost parcel fiasco with a parcel company called parcel2go. Now trying to make a claim, they ask me to provide evidence of the un delivered parcel. Simple I think, just screen shot their tracking that shows in black and white that it is lost/undelivered. They rejected this as information… Just nuts. Do not use Parcel2go.


Ouff, I recall @darkkevind also having issues with them too. I don’t understand why packages get lost at all. Wouldn’t investing in a Capable management and GPS system be vital for these systems to survive ?

They are a cheap service so yeah they wouldn’t think about doing that

Customer - “why hasn’t this shipped yet?” Me - “let me check” Customer - “thanks” Me - “I’m not sure, I will check when I get back to the office, but the item you ordered is currently out of stock” Customer - “I will need to return it then” …11 minutes later… Gets email from PayPal about a dispute being filed… wtf?

Oh that guy.


I’m not vendor here but I occasionally sell my old electronics.once I tried to sold old flag ship cellphone with bunch acces extra batt for $100. people always lowball but some doesn’t even try negotiate. guy: whats ur best? me: 100 guy:70 me:90 guy:70 me:80 just the phone tho guy:70

or there was this guy who says “I’m giving it to refugee person pls give me everything for 50. it’s for less privileged sir!” me: just get the f out

lastly there was a guy who wanted me to deliver it for 80 bucks without paying up front. he said he is going to see if okay and pay. I’m not ur shit bag fuk off pls.


edit I’m not lashing out on HK but rather the postal service that “delivered” my package. Apologies for being a bit OT. edit

I ordered from HK and tracking said everything was going as planned. Package arrived at the local station 12km away from my place and I got excited. Came home from work and didn’t find a package or a notice to pick up the package from a nearby pick up station. So I decided to call them and I ask them where the package was. They tell me they didn’t have sufficient information to successfully deliver the package. So they ask me “is your name xxx” I say yes that’s me. Then they ask me “is this your address?..” I confirm my address and ask them what the problem was. She repeated that the delivery information was insufficient for a successful delivery. I go through the whole thing with her again and ask them what else was required beside my name and full adress. Did they need to know my favourite sitcom? Like wtf!?

So they have my name, the country I live in, my complete adress and they even freaking tell me that the truck was even there already. The damn package finds its way from the Netherlands all the way to the last station and they fail to deliver the last 12km…sorry, my bad…the idiot was standing in front of my door already and he couldn’t figure out which button to press to see if someone is home! I went nuts. I guess the delivery person was a freaking analphabet! All he freaking needed to do was ring the damn bell (which btw has my name written on it) and stick a notice on the door to where to pick up my package if there’s nobody home. That was one of those moments where you wish you could reach through the phone and choke the person on the other end.

We’ll then they attempted to to deliver the next day while I was at work of course and stuck a note at the door that I wasn’t at home and that I should pick it up from a pickup station WHICH WAS A KILOMETER AWAY from my place instead of the closest one in my neighborhood.

No apologies, no attempt to deliver the same day they messed up and to cherry top the cake they didn’t even bother to offer me the option of delivering the package at a time where I’ll be at home. Instead they make me pick up the package a kilometer away the next day. I hope they run out of business. Never had a bad experience with delivery than that.

I think it’s very likely that the delivery guy thought “ah f**k it - I’m done for today” Which in that case, the management should think about how that employee is harming thier business. The lady at the call center wasn’t any brighter by trying to tell me that my complete adress and name was not sufficient to guarantee a successful delivery. They clearly are not paying well enough to hire decent personel and it clearly shows.


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Apologies again - I’m on a roll :grin: This one a crazy but in a positive way.

My BEC died and killed my mini remote receiver. After some research I found a seller on AliExpress that sells just the receiver without the remote since my remote was still working. The guy was selling it for roughly 10euros shipping free! So I thought meh - it’s a risk… not sure if the receiver will bind with the remote… not even sure if I’ll ever receive it in the first place and also it was my first time ordering from AliExpress. But I figured why not take the risk and see what happens.

Two weeks that felt like forever I finally get a notice that my package is ready to get collected at the pickup station near my place - a block away.

So I get there and I get a box handed over to me which was way too oversized for a mini remote receiver. My first thought was “damn, they were making sure the receiver gets here undamaged” then I thought “this is too heavy for a receiver” and waddaya know - they sent me a receiver AND the remote to go with it for 10euros shipping free.

You know what else? The receiver binded without problems with the old remote - which means now I have a spare mini remote backup that I could mod if ever I get bored :wink::grin: