Venice Beach Cruiser | Arbor Vugenhausen | Mono RSpec6372 | SpaceCell Pro 3 | VESC | Winning Remote

I’m new to this forum but I’ve been gobbling up information on here over the past several weeks and I’m ready to start compiling the parts for my first build.

First, a little about my aspirations for this build. I live in SoCal, near da beach and this board will really mostly be for fun and getting around Venice Beach and Santa Monica. There are a few hills in Santa Monica specifically and I’d like to be able to get up them without issue (weight ~180lbs) but the area is mostly flat. I’m editing this top post as I go and adding links as I purchase & identify items I want for my own sanity and tracking.

My main goals for this build are: -Easy Cruising and effortless carving (I’ve been snowboarding for 15 years) -Reliability ~15 Mile Range (down to beach, cruise along water, and back) -Safe battery chemistry (thus the Li-Ion) -20mph top speed -mellow hill climb abilities

Here’s the gear list -Arbor Vugenhausen (purchased) -Raw Metal Caliber 2s (purchased) -Kegels 80mm w/Bones REDs (purchased)

-Mono Drive-train- -Enertion R-Spec 6372 190kv (purchased) -Enertion Motor Mount (purchased) -Enertion VESC Platinum (purchased) -SpaceCell 10s3p (purchased)

Should be just what I need:

Thanks to all who helped along the way. Now we wait for parts.

Cheers! Tim


Did the Venice-Santa Monica loop last year…was awesome

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You should ask @carl.1 or @onloop abt this

Yeah-- I had emailed them this question but did was misunderstood. I tried again but still no response :frowning: judging off his Vlog it seems @onloop had taken a step away from this forum. Maybe he’ll see this.

Not speaking for enertion here, but on the pro3 you will have enough space for a dual setup, it’s designed for that purpose. You’ll even have space at the front of the enclosure where the 10 extra cells of the pro4 would have

thanks! that’s good intel. Do you (or anyone on here) have a photo of the inside of the case?

Omgg another Santa Monica guy! Just as a heads up it may be up to at least a month till you get a vesc, I ordered one from Chaka a few weeks ago and was told two weeks then, just emailed them yesterday and was once again told two weeks. Let me know if you want some orange 90mm wheels, I’m thinking I’m going to convert to 83mm wheels if I can get these 90’s off my hands.

hey Mike- thanks for the offer. I’ve gotta stick to 80mm as that’s the same size as the Hummies. Once i get my shit together i’m def going to be looking for other riders in my hood to meet up with and compare notes!

Hell yeah! I’ll contact you as soon as my build is all put together so you can check it out. I’ve been experimenting with wheels sizes and think you’ll do great with 83mm, 90mm may theoretically mean a higher top speed but thats also a higher amp draw and less range, plus I’ve noticed it takes more effort to push 90mm than 83. If you see a guy riding around the beach today with big orange wheels in the front and tiny black wheels in the back, thats me!

a dual VESC will also be able to fit in the pro4, so don’t worry about room.

I’d only be concerned about wheelbase + the space cell pro enclosure length.

Thanks for the word on the SpaceCell @cmatson

I checked out the measurements and the deck i’m considering has a 23.5" max wheel base whilst the space cell is 22" long. should be alright IF i stick to the hub motors.

Still trying to quantify if that is the right move or not.

For anyone wondering-- @Hummie messaged me directly and answered some of my above questions specifically as they pertain to his Hubs. Putting them in thread here for the benefit of the community:

Regarding Kv ratings of the hubs:90kv or 80kv on 10s is good. Depends how fast u want to go. I like the 90 on 12s as they will do 28mph… I responded that i wanted to cap at around 21mph, he recommended 80Kv for me.

Regarding Outer Wheel Size of Hubmotors- 80mm – same a Orangatang Kegels 80mm

Regarding truck size: “I’m only selling them with the Paris 195 truck set as on the site

Regarding Hill Climbing: “I don’t know the number incline I do but on 60 amp to the motor u can see how it does on my video. I just changed it to 70 and crushed the new evolve gt last night.”

^^this makes we worry that with the 40amp fuse on the SPACECELL I’m going to have different results – can anyone add some color to this?

you"ll be fine running them on less than 70 amps… the tests I did with Jason was with a space cell capped at 40amps, and the hubs had no problems- neither did jacobs.

Dope-- I understand that you and Jason are going to post your results soon but I’m really antsy in my pantsys about ordering a few parts over the next week before I leave on a 3 week work trip.

What kind of top-speed are you seeing on those hummies w/VESC and that 10s3p battery of yours capped at 40a? Are you running the 80kv or 90kv? All-steels or version 1 of the hubs? Any idea what kind of average mileage you’re seeing with that config on a full charge?

or-- maybe @Hummie can supply the RPM of those suckers?

Sorry if these are all stupid questions (and maybe theres a calculator that I can plug numbers into but I havent found one yet).

Thanks man.

we got about 23mph top speed on hummie’s with 10s3p- don’t know if they are 80 or 90kv, but I’m going to assume 80.

these were version ones (so the aluminum ones, apoxied to an arsenal truck) and they were running fine- after a long 10+ mile ride, the hubz weren’t more than 35-40 degrees celsius (roughly 90-100f), and that was going 75% throttle and up most of the time on shitty sidewalks. no play in the motor yet, everything is still rock solid which is a definite positive after than ride.

at the end of the ride (video here so you can see what kinda roads we were dealing with: I put some teaser test footage in.

mileage is yet to be determined, but it is definitely less than my single drive Rspec (that’s to be expected though). it depends a lot on how you ride it, because during our long ride I didn’t actually waste that much battery, but during the hill tests, acceleration tests, and laps, the space cell was heavily drained even though the distance was much shorter.

not stupid questions dude!!

Thanks for taking the time man-- i really appreciate it.

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Little update here. I went down to the Arbor flagship store on Venice Beach tonight to roll around on the Backlash. This is the board in the flesh:

I dig it, but damn, those maple 9ply decks are heavy as hell! Then, just to confuse matters, I road around on another model, the VÜGENHAUSEN. I think i changed my mind. So sick:

Nice thing is both of these completes had a pair of Caliber IIs on them and that’s the truck I’m leaning towards at this moment (as I’m still unsure about HUBs for my first build). Pretty awesome feel on this deck. Anyhow-- further down the rabbit hole I go…


I totally have the Backlash! I bought it second hand from my friend who is sponsored by arbor; he’s a downhill guy. the concave is amazing, though I sawed off all of the excess wood past the trucks, leaving me with a 30" board. I would go with the second board if I had the choice.

I think the decision should boil down to whether or not you want a kick-

I like having one, but don’t find myself using it much. But, for simple things like swinging your board around using one foot when you are just standing around is a really nice plus.

lastly, the James kelly pro model has a kick, but also less wood than the backlash, so it’s a hair lighter.

yea the kick was the reason I was gravitating toward the backlash initially but i messed around on that other deck and that little bit of tip past the truck does give you a little bit of leverage to pivot the board a little- I’m thinking it may be okay.

Today was a good day. I took the plunge and held my own feet to the fire with this build. I bought a complete analog setup to push around so I can really start jonesing for moar powa.

I ultimately decided on the following foundation to build upon: -Arbor Vugenhausen (purchased) -Raw Metal Caliber 2s (purchased) -Kegels 80mm w/Bones REDs (purchased)

After doing more reading, I decided that I probably shouldn’t go down the dual-hubmotor road for my first build. @hummie seems like he’s improving his design every day so I’m going to wait until my second build (or an update to this one down the road) to take that plunge.

I updated the top post and modified the title to reflect my changes. In other news-- anyone have any idea what length belt I need??