Venom v2: Viper | Humie Deck| BERGMEISTER Wheels | TB218 | 6374 190kV | FOCBOX Unity | 20700 12s8p 32Ah | GT2B Remote |

For a long while I wanted to make myself a second board, and here it is. The next board in my Venom line up is the Viper. My original Venom V1: Widow was ment moreover for a thane build which is going to be changed as I build this monster board.

I am welding the pack myself, a crazy 12s8p.

Inserts are perfect as they should be. image

It looks amazing image

Hand cut some grip and paint as I usually do :wink: (Yes there is another hummie deck here, it’s a friend’s board that I am making. Seems like I am surround with 3 Hummie decks) image

SOON TO COME: Battery welding and final assembly of the Viper.


Wow, that is some very sexy grip tape and art work man! Damn good job.

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Awesome build. I would recommend stainless steel cupped washers instead. Because these could fail after opening the enclosure a few times. Unless you don’t torque them to much :smirk:

I even have some plastic washers under those alluminum ones, but non seem to fall out at all on my current Vemon board and I have over hundreds of Km on it this year. Haven’t opened it since lol image