Verreal have created a Baja Board clone

The truck suspension system looks pretty identical to Baja Board as well as the the enclosure for all the components. The main difference looks to be the power system with the all terrain hub motors. What do you guys think?



Hey man, having ridden a baja I can say that the thing weighs a lot. The 4wd is 20+kgs This requires a lot of torque to get it going and believe me it has it in spades. What I would be concerned with is the hubs not giving enough power. Historically those large diameter hub motors are pretty weak but only some real world tests will answer that question.


It’s a Baja killer probably in the same way a mouse is a cat killer, probably what Dareno says or worse.

I would love to see Baja decimate it in a ride-off but there are so many Chinese companies is hardly worthwhile, they are like boils to a leper, another one will pop up with a similar ludicrous claim

Oh and the suspension if made out of the same monkey metal we have been seeing in trucks, that will all fall apart and break


Yeah nah probs not a Baja killer. But if the price is right it could be reasonably popular definitely finding a gap in the market. Four hub motors will be good power I reckon. Based on my experience with AWD GT Meepo and the Lunyee hub motors I used in my diy it could be quite effective.

I bet it does not make THIS sound …

And looking at their website it’s clear they are the same Chinese shit-pedalling scammers as those fucks with the ‘JackZoom’ website (check out that stock counter).

Expect wankness…

Seriously…a baja killer.

I dont know how you are able to make a blanket statement without a video to show such a claim.

Also isnt this the same damn thing from diyeboard? Then lastly how can these hub motors stand the heat generated for all terrain activities.

They claim not to be using hub motors, probably just marketing though. Making your own hub motor still makes it a hub motor.

Looks like this board has very little ground clearance. I’d rip off the shocks within a few rides. Weak tire profile says enough, this thing is meant for the streets.

Hah… this got me in the feels, :smiley: thats hilarous…

On a side note… I expect cost is still high… but yeh I would still love to try / ride one and see whenever the added weight is worth it… after all our scooter counterparts receive shock absorbers quite easily…

Though I guess high powered ones with huge batteries… also get close to 20-30kg… due to all metal parts and heavy wheels, for example (if these are wide wheel version scooters)

On a side note, as the other topic got closed :wink:

@NullReference Thanks for bringing this out… even though u got some shaming, I appreciate I opened your topic exclusively and I got to know about it :wink:

The idea does look really promising… I know there were a few or at least some china options already… though they did cost quite a lot, as there are a lot of parts, which makes everything somewhat complicated also…

The hubs in the wheels of course, work nicely here… and I assume these should deliver decent punch… if they are any of the 63-80mm motor variety…

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I agree with everyone else that this will be wildly underpowered for real AT riding. I don’t think that’s going to matter though. Where this will shine is shoddily maintained roads and sidewalks. Potholes that would stop a rkp or tkp board probably won’t stop this.

It would be powerful enough to get up to 25mph on a flat surface or climb a 10 degree hill though.

Engineering an independent suspension has two big problems: making the suspension in the first place and how to get the power to the wheels. Hub motors completely solves problem 2. The only remaining issue is making an affordable independent suspension setup that won’t break on the first bump.

If this board isn’t made out of chinesium, this could be an interesting donor board for a 4wd VESC setup.


Ive also seen these on net, for sale:


Not sure how they would work in real life… Though seems like someone from France has ordered a piece to find out…

One thing for sure… they do widen the whole wheel base of the board… :smiley:

Also, a while ago this thing surfaced: image

Though it did cost complete builds price in kit itself but at least the metal parts look sturdy, as they should

Might look sturdy, but the issue is usually precision. At that price point, they can’t offer cnc parts. Expect this thing to rattle within a few rides or at the very beginning with plenty of slop for parts that do not precisely fit.

So… any more info what the price might be? I guess lower than 500 eur / 600 usd is a hard to reach goal for such suspension board system

trying to make evolve copy @ProjectEldor