Versatile Build?

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for a versatile board that can stay stable at higher speeds while allowing me to do dances on it(that’s as far as I’ll take it when doing tricks) but can also do Pneumatics or 107mm fly wheels as there’s alot of bad roads and cracks in my area. I’m currently torn between going the DIY route or going for a Lacroix DSS550+. I know the DSS500+ is a great board but shipping costs are difficult to justify($400 USD) while going DIY is something I’ve never done but if it can meet my needs while keeping the price from hitting $3000(cost of DSS550+ including shipping) then I’d be willing to explore that. I’d like to be able to go abit off road, just gravel, dirt and grass but no rugged mountain board terrain and no jumps.

As for going the DIY route I find the Loaded basalt tesseract or chubby unicorn to fit the kind of versatile deck I’m looking for which is decent flex, wide, good for carving but stable at high speeds. They offer alot of space to work with and allow variable wheel bases to use.

What are your thoughts or suggestions with what I’m looking for for my next all around daily use Eboard? Cheers!

I’d go with a loaded vanguard, even though it has some flex and it’s not considered a downhill board, you can go pretty fast and it’s extremely fun to ride. This was my first built board and the only one I don’t want to get rid of, I went through so many upgrades on it, I’m making a last full upgrade soon.


I do like the loaded vanguard as I’m actually using a vanguard clone on a Chinese Manufacturer board but I noticed toe/heel overhang without the W concave which I notice makes a significant difference in being able to control the board when carving. It’s a solid deck nonetheless! Thanks for the suggestion. I also like the feel of having wheel wells that help with planting my feet securely which I believe is absent on the vanguard. I’m open to other brands besides loaded as well. I like the landyachtz Evo but I’m concerned about the clearance as there are speed bumps where I skate and it being asymmetric.

Also curious did you go with the 42” deck or the shorter one?

I went with the flex 3, shorter version. It’s a perfect size for transporting and riding, at least for me 1.70mt height.

The Evo is also a pretty nice deck as well, ground clearance is not that bad, my city is full of speed bumps and I can go over every single one without issues.

You could also consider the subsonic talon, beautiful deck, you could use pneumatics in future upgrades and it’ll take them like a champ.

A other deck I love is the Moonshine sidekick, it’s small enough to grab mall it, has a useful tail and has a sweet shape and all around board fur everyday use.

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That’s awesome! Thanks I’ll look into subsonic. I feel like 36-39” is my preference for length while 9-9.5” width is what would fit my feet just fine without worrying about overhang. What characteristics in a deck should I check if I want to have the option to go pneumatics?

You could go pneumatics on any deck, just need to use the right set of risers. Check @mmaner spud


Great! I thought there were some characteristics or something that need to be taken into account when going for pneumatics. Is it a better idea, build-wise to select decks that don’t have kicktails?

Would it be possible to make an enclosure for the basalt tesseract? Would it be possible to swap that to a evo or the subsonic falcon? Love your enclosures as well awesome work!

i have a no name 48’’ dancer that i use as my daily ride… its fun… however its hard to dance on electric unless u let off the throttle or have ackmaniacs FW w/ cruise control

Awesome! Is it flexy? I’d max out deck length at 40” sorry whats ackmaniacs w/ cruisecontrol? Yeah I dont plan on practicing dancing with it throttled just going to cruise and let it free wheel

actually its not really flexy and im 215 lbs… its bamboo and fiberglass and very well made, it has crashed head on into curbs at 15mph+ and still no breaks or chips haha

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I would definitely recommend Carvon motors if you want to free wheel for almost forever

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Sounds like a great daily driver board! Do you use it for commuting or getting around as transportation? Is it difficult to travel with it? Not necessarily on flights. Do you have a link to your build for it?

I agree with carvon but they are insanely expensive as good as they are. I noticed they are not very torque-y? I dont know anyone in my country who has it yet lol

Even with the price they are at it will still come in under $3000

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i dont really have a build post for it… the only one i am even considering doing a build post for is Hummies deck when i finish it. and its a great board… keep in mind im 6’ and 215lbs, lots of boards bend under me when they dont for others… also my definition of “heavy” or light is relative to my size… I dont consider it to be a chore to carry or travel with, but Im a bigger guy… i also have a 10s5p pack on it and dont really run out of battery power ever

Oh that’s awesome! Aren’t they difficult to come by right now? I like how it reduces the parts and complexity of the build because of the absence of pulleys but I hear it doesn’t allow for as mucb customization with the torque vs top speed through the use of pulleys

im waiting to try TB’s hubs tbh, I like carvon but im leaning more towards TB rn just because they are new and i want to tinker…

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Either torque or carvon’s can be used with pneumatics right? I wonder how well they hold up against debris hitting them