Very dangerous cut outs going full throttle after 30mph+

so, this is the second time it has happened, I don’t like testing it, but now that I can expect it to happen I know how the board reacts.

it happens whenever I try to accelerate… so if I’m riding from about cruise speed at 20mph, and I go full throttle to pass a car or get across an intersection quickly it happens after i pass 30mph…

i’m guessing something setting related… atm I don’t have a metr module installed to read the faults as it was automatically applying weird settings for some reason, and ever since i got rid of it the board started to work perfectly fine.

here are the files a friend sent me to install them into my focboxes

“master motor config”

“master app config”

please help, thx

running 12s, 5065 200kv 15/36 gearing

if this matters

Often people have had cutouts with they’re remotes around intersections. Where are you located?

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GT2B, no intersection issues, i’m positive it’s 100% based on the power/amps it’s pulling… maybe there is a setting that’s too low… ah, damn just realized i have to open the enclosure and i made it a pain in the ass to do so :confounded:

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If your sure, but I’ve heard about a lot of problems with that remote around intersections…you must be hitting some kind of cut off

nope, not one problem ever, trust me I tested this in 2 places very far apart from each other, you could be on the moon and it will happen.

no interference, purely cut off…

oh well, guess im gonna have to take off this enclosure and figure out wtf it is doin cuttin me off at those speeds. :sweat_smile:

I got a massive cutout on my Gt2b where it hit full throttle while going slightly up hill, throwing me off the board and almost pushed the board on the street, that was scary af. Still don’t know why.

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What wheel size are you you running? With that set up you are topping out the erpm limits on vesc. If it only happens on high speed?


don’t think it’s erpm, but i guess i will check settings in a bit, only issue is the enclosure is a complete bitch to remove…

can’t wait.:confounded:

12s on full charge produces 50.4 volts at this voltage the erpm will be up in the 70000 mark. Over 30mph will send it over the 60000 and if all your getting is a cut off then consider yourself lucky. Usually things go poof. oh and you might want to invest in a pair of these if your enclosure is a bitch to remove.



where can i get those for a m5 bolt… lol that’s awesome.

thank god for that then, it still works great, i just wanna take it over 30mph like i did constantly on 10s

Thats why 10s is spot on for 200kv 12s you need to go down a bit or adjust the gearing to suit. I run 12s with 15/36 and 192kv’s I’m close to the limit but no issues so far.

this I’m not sure what you mean and I probably should have been more clear they are usb ports so you don’t have to remove your enclosure for settings


What % was your battery pack at? And are you bypassing discharge?

But the thing is your battery will sag well below eRPM even assuming motor kV’s are 100% accurate, which they are not, especially for racerstar motors. It only happens during acceleration as well, where battery current requirements are highest. I highly doubt eRPM is the problem.

…or if you have a BT module you can fully configure all settings via the ackmaniac app and a pc. no usb needed.

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motor detection?

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5000 charz

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However, I experienced the connection not being stable last time I tried when monitoring RT app data, so I actually ended up opening up the enclosure.

Didn’t have this problem before, so probably a bug in a newer version. @Ackmaniac

I’m just going to leave you in these capable hands. My work here is done.
@Sebike :sunglasses:

new motors, gotcha, figured it was this… thanks for your help, and i was tricked into thinking you use some hand tightened nuts to hold enclosure down… that would be… nice. :sweat_smile:

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