VERY NOOB HELP ME! 10s3p build with battery holders/battery box/sleds

so im trying to build a e board like the one @delta_19 did on his thread but i have 30 cells and building 10s3p… these are the parts im looking at to buy. i already have a long board (sector 9 42")

18650 3000mah battery (says original. 141USD with shipping to Canada for 30cells)

5.5x2.1 dc female


Power button

Battery Indicator.

Bms (idk how to connect the battery indicator)

Xt90 Anti Spark





the tiny pulley (idk)

Battery box

i) wheel pulley (option C)

ii) wheel pulley


  1. which pulley is better (or works) with the wheels listed?

  2. would it work if i used the battery box/holder to make a 10s3p? how would i do it? solder to one another? (i already planned out how to set it so it doesn’t fall so no worries there… and im planning to replace the tiny wires with 12awg copper wires to reinforce… if thats enough)

  3. how would i connect the battery indicator? to what? vesc or bms?

  4. does the bms work with this build? its 36v but IDK

  5. what to do with the anti spark and power button?

  6. your best 10s3p configurations for this build?

  7. what are the best back lights, front lights you would recommend? how do you connect them?