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VESC 4.10 Help stopped working during bench test

Decided to change out my 6s, hobbywing esc, Life system with the VESC and SpaceCell. Just received the new VESC 10.4 and Plugged in the battery, nunchuck and computer, started detection (per instructions) and it spun up. I filled in the info per the instructions then changed some of the motor settings optomized for the spacecell. I made the nunchuck settings and the little motor wasn’t spinning. I know the nunchuk worked as I saw the display bar go up and down when I throttled. I made sure the current was checked, rebooted and connected again. The display bar does a little dance between 50 and 51 but still goes up and down with the joystick. I went back to the motor settings again and tried detection - the motor just makes a high pitched sound and jitters a bit. I am now at this and I am sure it is something simple. I looked and several forums, google searches and messed around with the settings but nothing helped. I even went back to the original settings but nothing worked. I have an NTM 5060 motor, plan is to upgrade this as well but need to get the new system working first. Here are some pics of the VESC in case it helps. Would appreciate anyone’s help to get this badboy working - Thanks .

Do you have any other motors to test? Last time something like this happen to me was due to a bad solder joint on the motors wires… took me ages to work it out.

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Unfortunately, I dont have any other motors. The motor was working with my old system, I just plugged in the VESC today. I will check the solder connections though - thanks.

Tried soldering the motor connections again and still the same thing. I just get the high frequency noise with the jitters. I checked the temp and it peaks out about 27. not sure what else to check since I know next to nothing other than what is in the instructions. I turned off the app config to rule out the nunchuck and still the same thing. Please helpl

Chaka on ES pointed out that there looks like there is a solder bridge on theDRV. It looks like there are 2 solder bridges after looking at it again. If I try to fix it with solder wick is it going to void any warranty or would you rather me send it back to you. Thought I would ask before I tried anything.

I have been told in the other thread that those 2 solder bridges are supposed to be there.
mine has the same.

Those two bridges on the side next to the fets should be there. Nothing wrong with those. The bridge I mentioned looks hair thin. On the opposite row.

Thanks guys, glad the kids had gymnastics or I would have made more work for myself. I’ll check the other side. Thanks again.

Weird, your nunchuck red/black looks reverse? 1st pin = 5v (unused), 2nd pin = 3.3v, 3rd pin = ground

Yes, the wires are reversed but the pin connections are correct. I bought the jst off the internet and didn’t feel like switching the colors. Good eye.

Jump into real time data and check for an error, do motor detection again and see if it spins again. Reflashing firmware to default the make sure you click read data on both motor and app tab then again do motor detection. If you do r read data correctly you will miss data fields and it won’t work.

how are you going with this?

If the motor still doesn’t spin up properly, Adjust “Current” and “Min ERPM” until it does. In general, small motors should have lower current and higher ERPM and larger motors the other way around. Current usually is in the range 1A to 6A and min ERPM usually is in the range 300 to 1200.
If spinning up works but running slowly afterwards doesn’t (the motor just stutters), try increasing “Low duty” to 0.1 or so. Increasing low duty will make it easier for the motor to run slowly during the test, but the result will become less accurate.

Thank you jacobbloy. Can you let me know where I can get the firmware to flash.

Hi onloop

Still doing the same thing- justjittering.

have you tried to refresh the firmware?

FW and mc config folder

if you have a drv that should show in real time data, also if the motor was working before and not know have you modified any thing at all? in-between did you plug in the nunchuck incorrectly?

Just reflashed the default and IT WORKED!!! wooohooo.


Ill let you know how the rest of the set up goes. unfortunately I have to get back to work.

I also wanted to thank everyone else who chimed in to help - this community ROCKS.

Similar issues here, but with the r-spec motor (Spacecell, VESC 4.10, FW 1.14). I’ve attempted troubleshooting from this thread and here, but no luck so far. I’m able to connect to VESC, and turning the motor by hand is seen in the realtime data. “Start Detection” yields “Bad Detection Result” and no movement of the motor occurs. No faults are reported during this time and no red LED activity on VESC.

The other 3 issues that might help in diagnosing: 1) the Rotor Position reading in bldc tool is just noise, 2) the motor current is reported as non-zero most of the time even when I’m not trying to “detect motor”. I’m talking on the order of an amp, which I’m thinking might indicate a short in the motor windings or a problem on the board. Also, 3) I see no mapping of my GTB2 to the ppm input (I have attempted motor detection with the ppm disabled as well), but that’s probably unrelated.

I have reloaded the firmware, making sure to “Read configuration” before loading the XML that - a) shipped with the VESC, b) the default file that Jason posted around here somewhere, and c) the one that Jacob provides for the r-spec in the mc_config folder for FW1.14. - and writing configuration.

I don’t have my DMM with me at home, but can troubleshoot with that tomorrow, perhaps.
Any ideas?

Might be a bad drv chip. I never let a VESC ship if it wont run detection on a motor and sometimes everything will load and connect but will fail detection without any fault codes. Replacing the drv solved the problem when I have encountered this. Adjusting the temperature profile of my re-flow oven has kept it happening again.

Not sure if this is going to help but here is the story - I tested my VESC for the first time at home and all I was getting was the jittering and high frequency noise. I took it to work the next day and downloaded the bldc tool. I dont remember downloading the .exe in the bldc-tool-windows-drivers folder at home but I did run at work. I found the right port, re flashed the firmware with the “default” .bin in the mc_config_&FW / firmware 1.14, hit the “read configuration” in motor and sensor tabs then start detection and it spun up.

I ended up turning off the app configuration to rule out the nunchuck settings. and reconfigured when it spun up and changed numbers from detection results. Good Luck