VESC 4.10 with 4.12 BOM for sale! *LOWERED PRICE*

Hey guys! I am trying to sell a VESC. It is the 4.10 PCB but I added the capacitor that is the only parts related change that is between 4.10 and 4.12, I believe it was to improve FOC but not sure. Firmwares and specs are all the same as 4.12. I used it in my electric scooter build and it was very space limited so the CAPs are in a different order than they usually are (see pic) they are 680uF 63V as the original ones. I would like 95€ for it including worldwide shipping. Payments by PayPal “for goods”.

I have one more VESC from miami electric boards. It uses the more robust DRV8301 just like the VESC6 read about it here if you want: gonna be selling it for 70€ (83USD).I will create a thread once I have more time :confused:

Hey Martin I’ll take it (the Miami) with the focbox you’re sending back!

And I’m interested in 2 Ollin VESC’s you were talking about!!

Are you still selling it? I am interested.

@banjaxxed Sure I will PM you.

@BoostedBuilder Hi, sorry I only have one Ollin VESC left and two miami VESCs.

@Lionkev55 I am, looks like if I will get things arranged with banjaxxed I will be down to 1 miami and also depending on boosted builder I might not have the Ollin. They messaged before you so I will sell it to them if they want it, just to keep it fair.

I’ll take both Miami’s thanks

I did not make these units. @Martinsp what made you think they were Ollin VESC’s?

@chaka do you mean the ones on the picture or the Miami in the link?

I was sent two broken VESCs, one of which was for a repair and I sent it back and kept this one (pictured in the first post) that was the agreement between me and the customer. I used it in my scooter build as mentioned and now I am trying to sell it. I thought both the VESCs were made by you @chaka but now that you mentioned that they were not, I looked through the conversation with the customer and did not find any information as to who made them. I am sorry to all of you for providing you with false information, it was not intentional.