VESC 4.11 pcb for sale

Hello everyone!

So I have two 4.11 VESC pcbs left and well I could just sell them.

They’re 10$US each + shipping.

Thank you!

Pictures please! But very interested


Haha you say that about everything for sale

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Haha u are right about that usually I spend it too fast, btw got ur dm and I watched one of TBs old vids and got it running

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Sorry for the late reply.

Here’s the picture!

Hi, can you send them to a German adress?

Hi, sure I can send them anywhere!

How much would be the shipping then? Can i solder it with a normal soldering Iron? I’m just getting into E-Longboards.

Shipping would be around 2 or 3 $. You’ll need a heat gun to solder the DRV chip. Keep in mind that soldering this is not an easy thing if you’re new to soldering and it’s also time consuming.

did you look up what parts you will need to complete these builds?

Sorry for the late response.

I can solder pretty good with normal Components. I never used SMD before but where is the fun without a chalange^^

For the heat gun i have this on hand.

The it goes up to 650°C.

Woud this work with the Soldering?

I woud order the components for the 4.12 PCB because i can’t find the list for the 4.11 PCB and it is only one extra Capacitor anyway.

You’ll need around 230°C. You also need to have the adjustable temperature and airflow.

OK then i will probably buy an already assembled one.

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Big Hi from Winnipeg Alex,

Is there any still available?

Yes, they are still available!