VESC 4.12, 6374 149kv, motor mount, 2x 6s lipo, mini remote, trucks, and etc for sale. Everything for $250 + shipping

Started a project to make my first esk8 but as summer ended and school started, slowly lost the interest and time to finish my build. Most items have not been used but might have some cosmetic wear for example the motor mount has a few scratches since I attached it to the motor with screws. Both the motor or motor mount have not been used to ride though so they are basically brand new.

List of items for sale:

Sk3 6374 149kv motor (grinded the shaft so that it has room for a key when attached to a pulley) - $70 never used comes with original box and everything in it

VESC 4.12 - $70

Motor mount from bought for $40 - $15

2x Flourean 22.2V 45C 4500mAh lipo batteries - $35 each or $60 for both

Mini remote with receiver - $20

36/16 pulley set with screws and plate - $25

6 cell charger USED - $20

90MM replica flywheel set of 4 from ebay USED just for 1 push ride - $20

Caliber 2 trucks black - $25

Random parts that I can throw in for a few bucks extra or free if you buy stuff

Locitite blue

3x 255-5m belt

3x 265-5m belt

Random connectors

Battery percentage display

EVERYTHING for $250 + shipping to wherever you are preferably in the U.S. (does not include the board)

Let me know if you want additional pictures for any of the items! Feel free to throw some offers up. Prices include shipping so multiple items would be cheaper

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You can get a lot of this stuff the same price/cheaper if you buy from other places, the sk3 is 84 bucks on hk and caliber 2 trucks are 30 on amazon

Johnny sells a full pulley kit for 36 bucks

Oh thanks for letting me know, haven’t been on the forum for a couple of months so I guess i’m a bit outdated haha. i’ll let people throw some offers my way

Still for sale! Updated price!

Can you ship the VESC internationally?

@sukurity, what is internal diameter of wheel pulley?

What brand vesc?

Is the motor and battery still for sale? If so I’ll take both!

@sukurity still for sale ?

Yeah what about those caliber trucks?

how many cycles on the packs and what condition are they in? also where is your location as i may need the mshipped if your willing?