VESC 4.12 Broken, dim blue & red light on, usb not recognised

Soo I tried to replace DRV module without solder paste or proper tools and the results are not great. Just putting this here if someone would notice on the pictures if I missed something obvious, or if the board is just fried.

  • dim red and blue lights on when powered
  • USB connection not working
  • DRV module changed
  • I might have overheated the board with my 350c superblower
  • Yes those plastic ports melted even though I was using keplan tape

After you replace the drv chip you need to flash a bootloader if i’m not mistaken otherwise the PC will not recognize it.

I couldnt find any info about that, for my understanding you only need to flash if you change the MCU?

drv has nothing todo with bootloader

Yup my bad. Mixed up between MCU and drv.