Vesc 4.12 fault_code_drv

Weirdness continues.

a colleague looked at the drv, it seemed that one leg might have come loose from a cold solder, so he soldered it, I connected to test, at start no issues, no red lights, no errors. Give it throttle with the arrow keys, movement is happening, the green signal led shines full bright as normal. Press the arro key again, green led starts flashing rapidly, no movement, terminal throws up a bunch of drv errors… But I HAD MOVEMENT. After a few tries it starts to try and move again, the same rapid green led blinking happens and more drv faults.

I suppose the drv can still be busted… just in some weird way perhaps?

I could really use some input here… thanks

Hi @xilw3r yes, that can happen. I’ve run into quite a number of very weird issues during all of the repairs I’ve completed on VESCs. There are a few things you’ll want to check, namely the resistors on your FETs and your FETs themselves in your case. But the DRV will likely need to be replaced if it’s throwing errors.

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