Vesc 4.12 for SALE 80usd

I have two vescs custom made with 4.12bom

Not used as they are extra for me

Price for both is

180$ including shipping with canbus connector

2.18 firmware version

80$ for each shipping not included


Any reason why buying both is more expensive by 20 dollars? Seems counterintuitive if you wanna get rid of these.


Shipping included thats why

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I don’t know if shipping will cost same in single one or not, also canbus connecter is also included in two of the vescs soo…

idk where youre from but in US shipping from SF to NYC for a 2-day envelope that fits two vescs costs 7 dollars. Unless a canbus cable is worth more than 13, separating it out would make more sense if you want to sell both vescs at once.

Personally not interested in the items but just tryin to help

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i am from India and normal post said 15$ shipping and 5$ for canbus , vescs are already at so much low cost.

if you think about it both the prices are same

one vesc doesnt includes shipping while both does soo its not that much of difference i guess.

no worries, thanks for bringing this to attention

I’ll buy a single one, twice. 160$

shipping’s not included in single one, when bought both shipping is included . i have already mentioned it

Are these with or without heatsinks ?

Without, but if you want heatsinks they won’t cost much, around 2$ additional

I will do some reading on 4.12bom as I’m not sure what that is. I’m guessing it’s just a firmware flash. Who makes these boards as I’ve seen several different brands with different warranties and different prices.

Do these have the olin cap upgrades for reliability

No, bom is list of materials as 4.1 version had different components on pcb and 4.12 had different for proper functioning of foc , mine is 4.12; its just the version of vesc

Hi, still relevant?

These still for sale?

yes they are

Still available?

Yes, available

Messenge me at [email protected] to talko the details

Email you? There is a direct message feature on this forum, i have pmed you

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