VESC 4.12 freezing during rides

Hello! I’m having problems with my VESC 4.12. During tests with my computer and motor freely rotating I was having no issues. But when I took the skateboard for a ride, it freezes after some riding, mostly during braking.

I have the VX2 remote and the stat readout freezes with the last values. Restarting the remote does nothing and the frozen values are still there. Only by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery it comes back on.

I have re-soldered every connection, replaced the remote and the BMS. The only thing I haven’t replaced yet is the VESC but they are so expensive nowadays I’m quite hesitant.

Is there a way to debug this issue? Any way to save logs or the like? I have access to an Arduino and some stuff like that.

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What esc is it?

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VESC 4.12, as I said.

Sorry, I forgot vesc 4.12 for a second. This is probably the second issue I’ve seen this. You can try to reset your configuration on the esc and limit the battery amps to 25A and regen to 20A or so since I’ve heard that higher amps causes issues with the esc.

I’m assuming its a Flipsky. Those VESC’s don’t exceed the rate the manufacturers say on the packaging that they can handle well over 60A. I’m using a 4.12 as well for my first build, even tho I haven’t ridden it yet, its best to run it either 20A, 25A or 30A if you feel the need for a jolt