VESC 4.12 layout

My VESC came wrapped and couldn’t figure the wiring, and there were only old layouts online.

Here is the back screen of the VESC 4.12 exported from kicad.

You have to be careful since the plug is on the other side of that normally.

…sorry if I misunderstood something, but what are you asking exactly?

Not asking anything, it was “hard work” to find the latest layout as a picture. So I thought I’d post as material for others (and also google indexing).

Edit: only one I could find is this seriously outdated one [1], and there is png export of the layout on vedder’s github.


I found these within a few seconds of a google search. They were in PDF form but they might help someone. Not sure if they are the same as yours though.

looks similiar, mine is an export from the github kicad files so it’s definitely what’s on the 4.12 board. (I couldn’t see because of the shrink wrap).

may I ask what you searched for ? Could only find old layouts.

No problem.

I google searched “VESC 4.12 kicad”

which brought me to this…

which i obtained this…

All took a matter of seconds. Hope this helped.

Or you could have looked here:

edit: my apologies, you are right. old pictures removed.


@JTAG this layout is clearly not up to date. Latest UART connector has 7 pins not 6

Edit: I spent a fair amount of time trying to find the right one out of the exported svg / pngs in github. Will open a ticket for Vedder to hopefully have it kept up to date. Edit2: Ah! Can’t open Issues on Vedder’s github.

Actually my VESC 4.12 from Miami boards seems to differ a little from vedder’s design.