Vesc 4.12 Maytech on sale (60€)

I have couple vesc pretty well used, from Maytech, with more than 1000km on my commuter skate and they run like the first day, with 0 problems. Please keep it in bldc, don’t play foc and they will last a lot. Im asking for 60€ each, because of shipping cost mostly for EU peeps.

I’m still using them, I will not take them apart yet.

Up!!! Common guys I need to buy new e-toys!!!

I think people might want to see pictures.

You gotta post photos. The other thing is not many here recommend the Maytech VESC so it will be hard to find a buyer.

Coming soon pictures, thanks for the tip! Edit: new pictures!

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I’ll buy both for 80$

Thanks not interested, i think 60€ is a fair price, maybe good to have a look eBay for cheap esc, they have pretty good deals, but just 0 customization. Good luck

Hello, is the vesc still available? Do you send ti Greece?

Hi, yes I still have them available, no problem to send it Greece. I have more parts to do a dual belt, maybe you are interested?

I want it fir an ebike project. I only have the motor. Keda 63-64 190kv 6s-10s 90A 2000w. Is it compatible with your vesc?

Yes it is compatible, no problem.

Ok I will get back to you soon, cheers.

I want one, can you send it to the UK? Thanks