VESC 4.12 mini fixing 3.3v rail

Hi guys, has any one had chace to fix this vesc. Its mini flipsky 4.12(4.20) vesc. For some reason it stopped working, i figured tvs diode was blown. Ive change it and it started working but not quite. 3.3v rail is showing 1.7v. Any suggestions ?

What was wrong with it first? I don’t have 4.20, but I have fixed couple 4.12s.

So the 3.3v rail is 2.0v sometimes less. So when i power it up, it will work sometimes. I think its 3.3v regulator

On the 3.3v regulator, check input voltage 1 (GND), 3 (INPUT). Then check 1, 2 for output. Also does it feel hot?

Input is 5.12v output iz 1.9v and it does not feel hot.

Forgot to add: tvs diode got shorted and ive replaced it. Then i checked with multimeter for shorts and there was none. After which i discovered this issue with 3.3v rail.

Then that might be is. replace the regulator