VESC 4.12 overheat - recommendation amp limit


I am running a 10s 36-42V battery with a 3150W brushless motor controled by a 4.12 Vesc.

Everything is awesome from the board but it really cuts off when i go uphill for nearly 1km because of high temps. I was wondering if ventilantion in the case or lowering the amps could help… Any recommendations? Right now i have motor max 60A batt max 50A Thank you guys!

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we need to know more.

  1. wheel diameter
  2. motor pulley teeth #
  3. & wheel pulley teeth
  4. Motor KV

But the short answer is, YES its overheating, too much current.

the VESC 4.12 form factor is difficult to mount heat sink

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Hey! Thanks for the reply!

  • 82mm
  • motor pulley 15, wheel pulley 36
  • 190kV

I have lowered the max battery amps down to 40 and it looks a little bit better but I am looking for advice.

Thank you.

What do you weigh?

82 kg bro, a bit heavy

might be time to go dual drive… you will always be needing to take it easy to keep the temps in check with your existing setup.

If you set battery max at 25A the problems will mostly go away. That’s about the limit for the 4.12s. Can’t really add heatsinks to them either.

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What is max speed of your board? you might need to increase motor pulley to 40-46 teeth and make better cooling for vesc ( i simply drilled several holes around vesc. ). I have same single motor on 12s with same wheels, but i weight 75kg. if increase pulley is not an option, you need second motor to go long rides uphills photo5364050283530924dhn272

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